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Cubie Messenger Free Messaging App Is More Fun with Drawing Feature

Cubie Messenger Free Messaging 

Cubie Messenger Free Messaging App Is More Fun with Drawing Feature

Cubie Messenger Free Messaging App Is More Fun with Drawing Feature - A short message service (SMS) is the right choice from the past to be able to send short messages.

However, with the development of technology now, it seems that SMS has begun to be abandoned.

This is due to the many conveniences offered in sending messages using an android phone.

If your Blackberry device has a flagship messenger app with Blackberry Messenger and an iPhone with iMessage, it seems that Android still doesn't have one.

Although Android devices do not have the flagship messenger app, the Google giant has provided so many messenger apps that can be downloaded on the Play Store.

But have we ever felt all those apps function just that-that's it and want to try something different or even fun? If so, Cubie Messenger is the solution.

Cubie Messenger is generally not much different from others as a messaging medium.

But what distinguishes here at the beginning of registration, where we will be provided ID that will be used to add friends to each other, without having to enter the telephone number again. Arguably similar to Blackberry Messenger.

Not only that, after we use Cubie Messenger we will be able to feel a significant difference. In addition to the availability of text, emoticons, voice notes, music, pictures and stickers are funny variety, it is possible for us to give scribbles. This will make our messaging activities much more fun and exciting.

The process is also very easy, all it takes is logging in with an ownership Facebook account. Start your own strokes or also use images by adding 8 different colors, as well as providing a variety of drawing options. After that, we can also share to social networks Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa. It's even better to add 100 members to your chat list. No ads will appear

The latest update has now added a language for Spanish and an interesting variety of animations that we can use. A little drawback of this app is because so much feature support makes our android device go the extra mile.

But in terms of creativity, it doesn't hurt if Cubie Messenger is mandatory for us to have. In addition to making messaging more enjoyable, of course, there will be a growing list of messenger apps that are ready to use. Good luck.

Cubie Messenger

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