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Download KakaoTalk Latest Version

Download KakaoTalk Latest Version - Messaging App

Download KakaoTalk Latest Version. If you have a hobby of looking for friends in cyberspace, maybe you need an application to support this job. There have been many messenger applications that we reviewed previously such as WeChat, Line, Cubie Messenger, Tango, and many more. From all these applications you can choose which one is suitable for you to use. But if you still want to find friends on other messenger applications, you need to try this one application.

Kakao Talk is a messenger application that you can use to send and call for free, only by taking advantage of the internet network (data package or wifi). Initially launched on March 18, 2010, Kakao Talk has been able to attract the hearts of users that reach 17 million every day and now it is estimated that it has reached more than 80 to 100 million users. And if you look at the branches in the play store, it has reached 4.1.

In general, the function of the Kakao Talk application is not much different from the others, namely as a medium to make as many friends as possible and to have free chats.

If we see, this application at a glance is almost similar to the Line application which uses a telephone number when registering and then each user who has been successfully registered will be given an ID used to invite other users as friends.

There are four kinds of options for inviting friends, the first is by searching for ID, shaking (fellow users can find each other at the same time), scanning a QR code, and finally inviting via other media (Email, SMS, and other messenger applications).

Interesting features of KakaoTalk

  1. Chat by including emoticons and funny animations
  2. Create group chats with other users
  3. Do the scheduling
  4. Send photos
  5. Video
  6. Voice notes and calls
    When you are on a call, you can change your profile photo with an attractive avatar.

Not only that, you know the features !! There are still many more exciting things available in the Kakao Talk application. If you only send messages and calls, it might feel boring, so this application also provides games that are quite entertaining for users.

Do you want to keep updating the news or maybe make friends with your favorite artists, media, bands, and even singers? It's quite easy, Kakao Talk provides a Plus Friends feature that allows you to do this. But unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in certain countries.

KakaoTalk Features:

  • Send messages and calls for free high quality.
  • Cute emoticons and animations that are ready to color your texting activities.
  • Create high-quality voice group chats.
  • Allows creating a schedule as a reminder (Meals, appointments, study).
  • If you are bored with the appearance that is given, you can change it with the available themes.
  • It's funnier when making calls by changing the voice to several characters (Tom and Ben).
  • Multimedia content for sending photos, sounds, videos, etc.
  • Message alert if it has been read.
  • Get acquainted with top artists.
  • 12 different language options.
  • Backup talk data.
  • Provide a password.
  • Replace notifications with unique sounds.
  • You can use the Item Store to download various kinds of Emoticons, Themes, etc.
  • It also allows you to play games on Kakao Talk.
Now that's a little review about the messaging application, everything we have written can be a consideration for whether you will use this application or not. But from us, you should try to download and install this application to try it. If it is suitable there is nothing wrong with having several chat applications on your device, please see the link below to download the installation file that matches the device you are using.

Download KakaoTalk Latest Version - Messaging App

Developer Kakao Corp
Type Instant messaging App
OS Android, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac OS X 10.10 later
License Freeware
Website Visit Here

KakaoTalk For Android - Ge In Here | APK
KakaoTalk For iPhone - Get In HERE
KakaoTalk For Windows PC - HERE
KakaoTalk Download for Mac OS X 10.10 later - HERE

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