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Download WhatsApp Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Latest Version
Download WhatsApp Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Latest Version This messenger (chat) application is clearly very popular among Android smartphone device users. everything can be seen from its very surprising users to touching the number of more than sixty million users, it is counted all over the world. Why not just looking at it you can use it.

You only need to register the mobile number used in your Android smartphone. Then WhatsApp Messenger will connect all existing or saved contacts in your phone's contact manager. This is all done automatically, without having to add one by one from the cellphone contacts to the WhatsApp contact manager. Very simple isn't it.

Apart from your contacts that have been stored in the contact list manager for a long time, you can also easily communicate or chat with other people who are not in the contact manager. The condition is that the person you mean has installed and used Whatsapp on their device. It's easy, just enter or add the handphone number.

Because this application is free, it's easy for us to use whatever is in this messaging app, such as fun chat features. It is available without having to worry that your credit runs out.

If you are asking why, because this messaging application only uses an internet connection, make sure you are connected to the internet first before using it. If you are connected, please send the file in pdf or another format, this text message is definitely seen from the name only. You can also do video messages and also voice notes for those of you who can't type because you are on a trip.

WhatsApp Featured Features

WhatsApp has several features that are uploaded, which you can see below:

  • Send text messages
  • Send photos from the gallery or from the camera
  • Send videos
  • Send office files or others
  • Voice dialing, including sending your voice message that the recipient can listen to at any time.
  • Share your location using GPS
  • Send a contact card
  • WhatsApp also supports several emojis, but for stickers, WhatsApp is relatively minimalist.

WhatsApp Platform:

  1. Android
  2. iPhone
  3. Windows
  4. Mac

WhatsApp For Android

As I mentioned above this application is very popular on Android smartphones. And how to use it is very easy, just by looking for the first time you understand how to use it.

Before you use this application, you must first understand what access will be required to your smartphone device. For those of you who don't know, please refer to the points that we will provide below.

This app has access to:
  • SMS
    • obtain text messages (SMS).
    • send out TEXT messages.
  • Phone.
    • review phone condition as well as identity.
    • straight call contact number.
    • check out the phone call log.
  • Area.
    • approximate place (network-based).
    • precise place (GPS and network-based).
  • Storage space.
    • customize or remove the contents of your USB storage.
    • review the components of your USB storage space.
  • Wi-Fi connection details.
    • view Wi-Fi connections.
  • Gadget & app background.
    • fetch running applications.
  • Microphone.
    • document audio.
  • Camera.
    • take photos and video clips.
  • Get in touch with.
    • read your contacts.
    • locate accounts on the tool.
    • customize your contacts.
  • Identity.
    • review your own get in touch with the card.
    • discover accounts on the tool.
    • add or eliminate accounts.
  • Device ID & call details.
    • read phone condition and identity.
  • Photos/Media/Files.
    • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage space.
    • review the components of your USB storage.
  • Various other.
    • check out sync data.
    • get data from the Internet.
  • View network connections.
    • modification network connection.
    • read Google service configuration.
    • pair with Bluetooth devices.
    • use accounts on the tool.
    • control vibration.
    • control Near Area Interaction.
    • produce accounts and set passwords.
    • perform at startup.
    • uninstall faster ways.
    • review sync settings.
    • mount faster ways.
    • alter your audio setups.
    • send out a sticky program.
    • complete network accessibility.
    • toggle sync on and off.
    • link and also detach from Wi-Fi.
    • avoid gadgets from sleeping.

Download WhatsApp Latest Version In the future, the developer of this chat application may add something, so keep checking for the latest updates from WhatsApp Messenger.

Download WhatsApp Latest Version - Messaging App

INFORMATION WhatsApp Messenger
Developer WhatsApp LLC
Type Instant messaging VoIP
OS Android, iPhone, Mac Or Windows PC, Mac OS X 10.10, and higher
License Freeware

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