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Download Zoom US Latest Version

Download Zoom US Latest Version - Messaging App

Download Zoom US Latest Version. Now These are the moments that indeed the situation is not as usual we face, and if now you're at home (obey PSBB yeah) it's likely you have to use some sort of video call to talk with family, friends, or even the affairs of the school. And, most likely, Zoom is an application used to it all.

Software (software) video conferencing has been electrifying the world lately. However, with the presence of the giant like Microsoft with Skype and Teams, or Google Hangouts, why is everyone using the application Zoom, to face a situation like this.

Why should Zoom

Zoom Meeting is a media learning using video. The founder of Zoom app Meeting that Eric Yuan was inaugurated in 2011 that its headquarters are in San Jose, California. This application is used not only for learning but can be used for the affairs of the office and affairs of the other.

The platform is free so can be used by anyone with a time limit of forty minutes and there is no time limit if the account we paid. In-app Zoom Meeting this we can directly communicate with anyone through video. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a learning media.

The application can be used in a variety of mobile devices, the desktop, your phone, and room systems. This application uses the access videos as well as is the case with the video call will be but this Zoom app can connect to some of the people and the maximum can reach 100 and then from it the app Zoom is better to clarify the learning is like face-to-face.

Zoom Feature :

  1. Meetings & Chat
  2. Video Webinar
  3. Conference Rooms
  4. Phone System
  5. Marketplace

Excess Zoom

To the question of why choose zoom, maybe because zoom has several advantages, or have a shortage but not affect to users in general. And to excess often consider a favor, for example, you can see below.

  1. Large capacity
  2. Zoom to the extent it has the capacity of meeting the highest of all platform video conferencing that is popular. You can meet with 500 people at once in Zoom calls, and the system will not error at all.

    We tested the meeting which was attended by about 450 people, and the system works well. Audio and video entry with the clear and Screen Sharing works as it should.

    If you are looking for the application of video conferencing to a large company or a quorum, then the Zoom will be very reasonable. You may be able to contact all members of the company on the same call, which is very helpful for workers from a distance.

  3. The quality of Video Streaming Good
    Internet connection Data of the Zoom shows the level of latency 17ms to Send and 24 ms to Receive. As well as, the Frequency to Send or Receive is at the same level, 24 kHz.

    Okay, so what is the meaning of all the numbers it? Stat major you want to take note of is the level of latency. Latency refers to how long it takes to send and receive audio/video data during Zoom calls.

    In this case, it takes 17 milliseconds from the moment you say something to finally be heard on the phone. Then you need 24 milliseconds to see what was said and done to others.

    According to the company's technology giant Cisco (which has Webex), any of which is less than the latency of 250 milliseconds is acceptable for video conferencing. So, with the amount that is far below 250ms, you can do a video conference more smoothly.

  4. Easy To Use Everyone
    One of the aspects of software that can be said to be successful in the market is if it can be used by anyone, of all ages. That's why we are often faced with software Zoom at the time of the meeting or teaching and learning activities.

    Not only young people can use it, but older people also will not find any difficulties when using the Zoom. The User Interface is made as simple and as easy as possible to use for all ages.
From what we already mentioned, everything remains back to you, want to choose to use this app or not. But when you have a positive want to use it, please contact select the type of the installation file corresponding to the device in use.

Download Zoom US Latest Version - Messaging App

Developer Zoom Video Communications
Type Videoconferencing, VoIP, and Instant messaging
OS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS
License Freeware

Zoom for Windows - HERE
Zoom for macOS - HERE
Zoom for Linux - HERE
Zoom for iOS - HERE
Zoom for Zoom for Android - HERE
Zoom for Chrome OS - HERE

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