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KaKaoTalk for Android Download Apk Latest Version

KaKaoTalk for Android Download Apk Latest Version

KaKaoTalk for Android Download Apk Latest Version. For those of you who are new to using the KakaoTalk application, surely you are still confused about using this messaging software. KakaoTalk is actually quite easy and simple, all of KakaoTalk's appearance is the same, even though you are using an OS other than Android, such as iOS, and others.

Anyone can certainly use this application as well as other chat applications. Not inferior to WeChat and also WhatsApp, and also this application has a notification alert if your message is in process, sent, or has been read by a chat opponent.

Features KaKaoTalk

  • Free Chat and Call
  • Chat with Groups
  • Incredible Speed
  • Voice Filter
  • Emoticons
  • GPS
  • TimeLine
  • Can be used on PC

KaKaoTalk Create Chat Groups For Interaction

This application is equipped with a group feature that allows you to add your registered friends to interact with you. And we can also interact with people who are not friends in chat but have joined the group, so we can easily interact with that person.

To start a group, you just have to do a personal chat 1 vs 1 with your friends. Please, buddy, press the menu button and choose invite, and after pressing that button we can immediately select some friends who will be included in the chat.

KakaoTalk messenger has no limit on how many people can join this chat group (that's the information I got), so we can freely add as many people in the group that has been created.

KaKaoTalk Use of Mini Profile

In this messaging application, there is a mini profile that will make it easier for you to set display pictures, profile names, and ID. If you want to add funny pictures to your profile photo. Please take some pictures of funny words on ( for free, you just need to go to the settings tab and set everything in my profile menu. Please set the preferred id, provided that it does not exceed 20 characters.

Keep in mind that this id can only be created once and cannot be changed again and if you want to change the profile picture. It's easy, just simply press the image you are currently using as a profile picture after that you can replace it with another image you want to use.

KaKaoTalk Using the Plus A Friends Feature

KakaoTalk users can use this feature to make friends with your artist, band, or favorite media directly. and only owned by Kakaotalk and not owned by other Messenger.

KaKaoTalk for Android Download Apk Latest Version

Developer Kakao Corp
Type Instant messaging App
OS Android, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac OS X 10.10 later
License Freeware
Website Visit Here

Download Apk KaKaoTalk

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