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Twitter for Android free Download Apk Latest Version

Twitter for Android free Download Apk Latest Version - Messaging App

Twitter for Android free Download Apk Latest Version - Messaging App. Twitter is a social media service or in its home country, it is better known as a social network. Twitter is included in the microblogging category. Why is it called microblogging? The uniqueness of Twitter is that we can write a small blog in a single paragraph format with a maximum of 140 letters per post.

Use of Twitter

If the question arises, what is the real use of Twitter, then you can see the following. You need to remember that we do not provide a detailed explanation until the future. Because we don't know what the developer will add in the future.

In short, Twitter is a network that shares information consisting of short text messages called Tweets. Tweets are a unique way to find news updates especially for the topics you follow.

Twitter may contain the information you need. We are given the option to follow or the term to follow the tweets or tweets of other users. So that every time a user we follow writes a tweet, the tweet will appear on our home page (a notification). It's like being sent an SMS from an acquaintance.

We will get some information not by category or according to our preferences. But it depends on who you have followed, and have allowed the tweets to appear on your Twitter account homepage.

Not all information on Twitter is valid without cross-checking with the relevant parties. If you are lucky enough, you may come across users who often write tweets that contain the information you need.

How to register a new Twitter account

Honestly, getting a Twitter account is quite easy. Please follow the instructions below, and I'm sure you can immediately get an account from this messaging app.

  • Open the application
  • Select the List menu
  • Fill in the name
  • Fill in email
  • Create a password to login
  • Done, now you can log in using the information you filled in earlier.

Once you have an account, to post a tweet you can write it in the message box. Then click/tap the Tweet button. A few moments in the status section of your device notification will appear that will disappear after the tweet is sent. Easy isn't it.

Now for those of you who want to install a messaging application on an Android mobile device, please click the download button, to get the installation file. You can also click the Get In Play Store button, then you will be taken to the Play Store, meaning that the installation will be done online.

Twitter for Android free Download Apk Latest Version - Messaging App

Offered By Twitter, Inc
Type News, social networking service
System Requirements Android
License Freeware
File Size 52.2Mb

Download Apk Twitter

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