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Viber For Android Download Apk Latest Version

Viber For Android Download Apk Latest Version

Viber For Android Download Apk Latest Version. Instant messaging applications allow long-distance communication at a very low cost, much cheaper than communication using landlines. Anyone can spend hours chatting without fear of growing bills.

Among the big names of instant messaging apps whose popularity has worldwide, tucked an interesting app from Japan called Viber. Maybe some of us have never heard the name of this messaging app. Therefore, see a little explanation about Viber for Android.

Viber is a cross-platform application used to send messages and make VOIP calls. Apart from Android and iOS, desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux are also supported, but previously users had to have a Viber account on their respective cellphones.

This instant messaging application was released on December 2, 2010, and was originally developed by an Israeli company. In 2014, ownership of Viber changed hands to Rakuten, an e-commerce company whose headquarters was founded in Tokyo and has been around since 1997.

In its journey as an instant messaging application, Viber is constantly being decorated with new features that attract many people to try it and eventually become loyal users.

Viber features

There is an encryption feature that ensures the security of every message sent to the destination address. In the midst of cybercrime, encryption can be likened to a bulwark that is difficult for irresponsible parties to penetrate.

Messages that can be sent are not just text. Visual content such as pictures and videos can also be used as conversation material. Even users are given the freedom to send voice recordings. Not satisfied with just sending messages? There are still features to communicate face-to-face via video calls.

Communication can be done with one or more interlocutors. The more you join, the more exciting the conversation will be. A collection of stickers that can be affixed to a message also makes the atmosphere of the conversation seem more boisterous and makes it easier to invite laughter. If there is no sticker that can fulfill the wish, users can create their own.

Viber also provides features to delete messages that have already been sent, such as messages that are wrongly addressed, messages sent when anger is at its peak so that inappropriate words are spelled out, messages that have the potential to be entangled in the ITE Law, and so on.

For messages that are more important, such as messages that contain a password to open a file, these messages can be set with a timer that will automatically delete them at a specified time.

In essence, if you are looking for a messaging application that is free and has interesting features, then the application we are talking about is perfect for what you need. If you want to install it on an Android device, click the download link below.

Viber For Android Download Apk Latest Version

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Viber Messenger For Android
Developer Rakuten Viber (part of Rakuten Inc.)
Type Messaging App
System Requirements Windows
License Freeware
File Size 55,2Mb

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