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WeChat for Android Download Apk Latest Version

WeChat for Android Download Apk Latest Version

WeChat for Android Download Apk Latest Version. Wechat is an instant messaging platform that originates from China. This application is so popular and as Chinese people use it to communicate every day. In addition to communication purposes, the current function of Wechat is mostly aimed at doing business and determining business strategies to get good results.

In the past few years, WeChat has had nearly 1 billion users. The number of users continues to grow because some of WeChat's features help you carry out your daily activities. Research shows that, on average, people spend about 4 hours using WeChat per day. This figure is very fantastic compared to other messaging application competitors.

WeChat Pay

Changes in the times where payments tend to be used without cash, making WeChat issue "WeChat Pay". Users can send a certain amount of credit and use it for online shopping. Some offline stores also even provide payments using WeChat Pay.

If you add credit to your WeChat Pay account, then you can give the money by way of transfer. There are two types, namely the personal transaction type. The other one is spread randomly. The Random is usually used for those who are doing business strategies.

WeChat latest features

  • The newest features of WeChat which have just been released include the "Friend Radar", which is an enhancement of the "Look Around" and "Shake" features. Through this feature, we can search for other WeChat users around us and add them to the contact list.
  • The difference is that 'Look Around' has a wider range, while 'Friend Radar' is indeed aimed at finding users whose location is closer.
  • Then there is the "Real-Time Location Sharing" feature, where we can help navigate other users who want to meet us via "WeChat Map" and through integrated "walkie-talkie" sessions.
  • All photos sent for viewing together in a group chat are now also stored in a location with easy access. There is no need to scroll back to your favorite photo location, just open one of the images in the chat group, then press the icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • If you forget important dates or names in a conversation, just use the latest "Universal Search" feature which can search for messages or contacts again, or by typing in the "search field" on the "chats tab".
  • Our conversations on WeChat can also be flavored with local stickers from the "WeChat Sticker Shop" feature. There are also stickers for Garfield, Toy Story, Winnie The Pooh, Bloody Bunny, Elise, Mr. Eggs, Chests, and many more.
  • To customize the contact list, we can upgrade our friends' profiles with photos, addresses, and business cards.

That's some reviews for you, as a consideration for using this messaging application. Obviously, for every feature provided by the developer, you can feel it yourself when using it.

WeChat for Android Download Apk Latest Version

Developer Tencent Holdings Limited
Type Instant messaging client
System Requirements Android
License Freeware
File Size 178Mb
Download Apk WeChat

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