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Download Android Messages for Android free

Download Android Messages for Android free |

Download Android Messages for Android free. When Google makes Hangouts your default SMS app for Android operating system 4.4 Kitkat, a lot of Android users who protested. Because, the Hangouts app as if to make the process of sending SMS simple becomes more complicated.

Therefore at the launch of the Android OS 5.0 Lollipop, Google has finally released the application Messages as SMS app a new one. In addition to be able to send SMS easily, this application can also take photos and record audio directly. Do not miss also this app already comes with a Material Design style Lollipop.

The question often arises among users of the messaging app is, what distinguishes the Android Messages with other messenger. We will give you five features of excess that has been announced by Google. But because this is in the development stage, it is not likely there will be features more later in the future present.

  1. Can be connected to the computer.
    Service on the messaging app Whatsapp, Android Messages can be connected directly with the computer. Enough with access to this website (Click Here) and do a QR code, you can already send messages on Android Messages via computer.

  2. The search feature GIF.
    For some people the user messaging app, the image with the GIF format is very interesting to share with my friends. For that Google provides convenience by providing a search feature GIF. Only by writing the keyword in the chat window, and then press the writing GIF search, then you very easily get GIF desired.

  3. Preview link.
    Less few features like a feature in the messaging app Line, where when you put a website link, the Line will show a picture of the front of the site. Android Messages is also able to do these things and be able to help you to identify websites that are not clear.

  4. The presence of features like smart replies.
    Features four this will help you reply to a message someone with more ease. For example, you're too busy with some things and not able to answer quickly. AI-generated will guess the replies that you give, such as when you're typing on google search engine. Of course, that's not always true, but at least it'll help you answer.

  5. There are features to copy the password and the verification code.
    This feature provides ease you to copy a password or verification code in the notification. Simply select the option of coffee, you don't need to retype the entire verification code and then it would be easier to get into in applications that require two-step authentication.

From what we have written above, may only be a consideration nor the answers of the questions that we have mentioned above. When your options for using this app, can be downloaded through the Play Store. You can also get the file direct mounting to know often referred to APK Files, by clicking the download button below.

Download Android Messages for Android free

Offered By Google LLC
Type Messaging App
System Requirements Android
License Freeware
File Size 89,6Mb
Website Visit

Download APK Messages Android

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