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Download Skype for Windows free

Download Skype for Windows free |
Download Skype for Windows free. Skype is software so I can contact or call other users through the laptop, computer, and also mobile phones. If you want to call someone you know for free to the whole world immediately download skype now.

Penggunanaa app messaging is very easy, if you've never used skype to call other users. Of course, already know its like, it's clear in talking. And it can be said also program this is a program that is very free and free.

And for those of you who have to quarantine themselves due to the pandemic of coronavirus that swept the current (Covid-19). Skype is a good choice because it provides new features that allow users don't need to sign up in advance to perform a video call.

Application developed by Microsoft that can also be used for to do a video call to more than one person. Surely it would be very helpful if You want to hold a meeting or just plain fun and miss with family and friends.

So for anyone who is reading this article and hasn't installed the Skype app, can now download them in the link that we provide below. Don't be afraid to use it because the files that we provide are clean, as it is directly from its official website.

Download Skype for Windows free

Download Skype

Features and Benefits Main Skype

  1. Voice calls and HD Video.
    The most important features and main in Skype's voice and video calls. Through this feature, users can meet face to face in a meeting or a meeting with the quality of HD video (High Definitions). Skype is also equipped with the quality of the VoIP which in a sense is better than its predecessor. Users can also conduct meetings from any device, ranging from web, desktop, Mac, smartphone, and others.

    Unfortunately, users can only use these features for free for a video conference, not for individual/ personal. If the user wants to use the features of the phone call in private, then the user should be upgraded to the premium package.

  2. Smart messaging and Private conversations.
    When having a conversation in a meeting or private, users can make the atmosphere be fun and exciting. Users can take advantage of the features of reactions to respond to a message sent to other users. The user can also do @mentios to affirm what are referred to and addressed. This feature users can take advantage of for free when you're in a meeting/ discussion group.

    Users who want to have a conversation in private (private conversations), without going through the Microsoft server users should upgrade to the premium package. Private conversations is a chat feature that can be used to send messages, which are sensitive in nature and secrets of using technology security end-to-end encryption.

  3. Screen sharing.
    In a meeting, sometimes takes the name of the presentation. Well, to make a presentation, then the user should do a Screen sharing (screen sharing) where the user can indicate the presentation materials to all members to come to join. Skype has been equipped with the Share feature Screen where the user can show a document, PowerPoint, photo, video, or whatever desired.

  4. Call Recording and Live subtitles.
    Some companies or agencies sometimes require documentation for each meeting/ meeting. The goal is that most users who do not participate in the meeting still had a chance to watch return meeting. Well, the feature of Recording can be user (admin) use to record the meeting.

What you should know about Skype

  1. Telephone calls and Chat Paid. For phone calls and chat individually on Skype is not free. A user can only avail the features of chat and free calls in a meeting/ discussion group.

  2. Users in some countries are still relatively few. Unfortunately, there are not many Skype users in some countries. So it takes the terms and rules together in an agency/ organization to all using Skype. Or Skype could be an alternative when you want to connect with clients, friends, and family who are outside the country.

  3. No support in the Firefox browser. Some of the features of Skype does not support the Firefox browser. Users are advised to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
That's a little review that we can give you, if there is any inaccurate information, you can tell us in the comments column or contact us directly from CONTACT US.

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