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Download WhatsApp for iPhone

Download WhatsApp for iPhone | Messaging App

Download WhatsApp for iPhone | Messaging App. Current development trends in the world of communication technology is indeed developing rapidly. The number of smartphone brands is proof that they have been serving the features that support the activities of our day-to-day within the constraints without us knowing. One of the smartphone brands that are always favored by its users is the iPhone.

Become a famous brand and always a success provides the latest products for its customers to be one of the reasons for the loyal users of Apple products. In the midst of strong competition with the ranks of the android smartphone, the iPhone up to now still be the trend style modern living.

If you are one of the smartphone users that we're discussing this, it definitely necessitates messaging application for communication with a specific person. Many messaging applications available for the moment, but here we will discuss about Whatsapp for iPhone.

Whatsapp application has a function to send a text message, or other files like images, videos, and more. And to use is free, and available for devices other than the iPhone. With this application, we can also contact someone other WhatsApp users with video calls. To its main features, you can see below.

Features WhatsApp

  1. Message text
    This is the same as sending a regular message but has the advantage that is easy to use.

  2. Voice messages
    This is one of the features that I prefer because with this feature we do not need to type to send messages to other users. Simply hold the icon on the mic and say what should be your type.

  3. Send your photos
    Select the image you want to send from iPhone storage or instantly take a new photo with a smartphone camera in use and send.

  4. Send the video
    As well as send images, send video can also be done by retrieving it from storage, or record directly from it. How about a photo in the tap, to video tap and hold, then release when you've had enough to record it.

  5. Share your location
    Sometimes someone comes to visit us, don't know the exact address. Then with this feature, you can give the exact location where you are right now, by utilizing the GPS.

  6. Send file
    For those of you who use the messaging app to work, then WhatsApp the right choice, because we can send the files which you want.

What I've given above, only a portion of its course, still a lot more you can do with the use of WhatsApp in your iPhone device. Moreover, the developer continues to improve and add to what is supposed to be fixed and add.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone | Messaging App

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