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KaKaoTalk Desktop Download Latest Version for Windows

KaKaoTalk Desktop Download Latest Version for Windows - Messaging App

KaKaoTalk Desktop Download Latest Version for Windows -.KakaoTalk was first released by Kakao Inc., not for desktop device windows. Actually, o making of KakaoTalk for the users of smartphone android and iOS operating systems only. that means KakaoTalk messenger can only be used on devices iPhone/iPad, can also iPod Touch.

But for now, you can enjoy the messaging app is through the windows desktop. This is not a version that is made by a third party, but the official version from the developer. For sure, you can check directly to the official website.

Features Of KakaoTalk

With as time goes by where Mobile Phone HP, not only can be used to send messages and call only. However, HP develops to be able to open the internet his or her usual we do through the laptop or computer by using the internet network.

because that's what a lot of people that have the ability to take a chance, in that case, make an application messenger. Of course, it is not only useful for sending messages only but also we can use to send files like images, video, sound, emotion unusual.

Not only that, but it can also do telephone (contact) for free using the networks of the internet. Like for example KakaoTalk messaging, which we can use it for any purpose, within the scope of its features. And the Features provided in the app Kakao Talk is this? see more.

  1. Free Chat and Phone.
    If I Wish reluctant to use SMS service for sending short messages. Then You simply use the Kakao Talk without fear of running out of credit HP have. If You have a data connection that is sufficient and still have a package of internet data, then with the young can freely use this service for free.

  2. Chat with the Group.
    Want a reunion with an old friend, and don't want to waste a pulse. Brother enough to use the service Kakao Talk messenger, to chat with many friends at the service of the group chat that has been created. To the members of a group, whatever you want to invite your friends how, because here for the members of the group are not in the limit.

  3. Incredible speed.
    Without a long-longer in the air to send a message, you can use the short message service with incredible speed without limits with app messaging Kakao Talk. Send files like photos, videos, share your contacts to another, voice messages easily and conveniently, the last course of the text messages.

  4. Voice FIlter.
    For example, do not want to send a voice message with the voices we have, it's simple because brother can take advantage of Voice filters-owned messenger app Kakao Talk. Automatically the message will be changed to sound funny and adorable.

  5. Emoticons.
    You can also use emoticons and other cute with free for Your convenience to communicate with KakaoTalk.

  6. GPS.
    Service Kakao Talk then You can notify Your location to your friends.

  7. TimeLine.
    You also use the services of the timeline to set the meeting schedule, meeting, or any event with your friends.

  8. Can be used on PC.
    Don't worry, because You can use service Kakao Talk this on PC or computer free of charge, as long as it has a package of internet data.

Excess KakaoTalk

  • Have a file-sharing application and send and receive images, videos, voice notes, and contacts.
  • App KakaoTalk is integrated into the system so that new messages will continue to be accepted even though a smartphone or gadget in the off condition and will be delivered if the gadget back on.
  • Notification messages are sent with a given sign (<<), sent with a mark (1) and if you have read it then the mark (1) the will be lost.
  • App KakaoTalk is global and not limited.
  • The absence of ads that appears when you're using the app KakaoTalk.
  • KakaoTalk itself has an app Passcode Lock as your privacy, and you will be able to save the data of your conversation by using the backup feature and sends the data to the e-mail address.
  • Is Free.
  • Available in many languages.
  • The application of the free call and group call.
  • The number of members of the group are unlimited.
  • Easy registration.
  • The application of mute.
  • There is emotion move.
  • Network is pretty stable.
  • The presence of the items store.
  • Support many themes. The presence of features plus friend.

Security KakaoTalk

In the matter of security, the application messenger KakaoTalk gives its users privacy. Passcode Lock, so special we're the only person who can open the messaging app KakaoTalk is. What's more, we can save the data by using features that have been provided in it, that is "backup", which will send the data to the e-mail that we register.

Now at the end of this article, please download the installation file for the messaging app free KakaoTalk. Get easily and safely, a download button is at the bottom.

KaKaoTalk Desktop Download Latest Version for Windows

Developer Kakao Corp
Type Instant messaging App
OS Windows
License Freeware
Website Visit Here

Download File Instalasi KaKaoTalk

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