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Zoom 5.2.3 Download For Windows


Download Zoom Version 5.2.3. (45120.0906)  For Windows
Zoom Version 5.2.3. (45120.0906) 

Zoom 5.2.3 Download For Windows - Hi, how are you? I want to tell you Zoom users, especially Windows users. Zoom has released its newest version, Zoom  5.2.3 (45120.0906) on September 8, 2020.

Previously, Zoom had also released Zoom Version 5.2.2 (45108.0831) on September 1, 2020. This means that within about one week Zoom will release its newest version again.
Of course, this latest Zoom release has a lot of updates to Zoom features in a better direction.


For those of you new to Zoom, maybe new to Zoom. Zoom is a communication application that makes it easy for us to conduct video conferences, especially in the current situation we are required by the government to continue to work from home.

Zoom is an application developed in America by a businessman named Eric Yuan.
Zoom application can be used by various information systems such as Windows, MacOSiOSLinuxAndroid, and others.

For me personally, Zoom makes it easy for me to be able to communicate even without meeting like other communication tools. However, unlike Zoom, Zoom provides cool features in my opinion.

By downloading Zoom on a laptop or on a smartphone, we can connect with up to a hundred people.

My first time using Zoom, was able to discuss and share for almost 2 hours. After that, I can communicate for 40 minutes with my friends or partners.

If you want more than 100 people to be able to do a video conference or webinar, you can use Zoom Pro or Zoom which is paid for.

If you want to know the price please visit Zoom's official website, click here.

Zoom 5.2.3 Download For Windows Feature

Zoom has really cool advantages in my opinion, they are as follows:

  • Zoom video and audio facilities HD quality
  • Zoom has a share screen feature that makes it easy for us to share or present our slide ppt material.
  • Zoom also has the feature of recording activities during a webinar or video conference. After the webinar is over, we can save the recorded webinar or our activities on a laptop or smartphone.
  • Zoom has a feature to organize or schedule webinar events.
  • Zoom can also give other participants permission to share their screen ppt or slide
  • With Zoom we can interact directly with webinar participants
  • With zoom, we can share files such as images, photos, videos, and audios
  • We can send Zoom invites using email, Whatsapp, and other social media
  • Freeware licensed zoom
  • And most importantly Zoom can be used in all types of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 bit) and (64 bit), Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

As a final student, during a pandemic like this, I am obliged to stay in college and complete my final project and stay connected with my supervisor.

One way to do this is by using the zoom application version 5.2.3 (45120.0906). I was greatly helped by the Zoom application.

I stay connected to my professors, friends, family, and business colleagues. Even though it feels less fun, it's okay for the good of us together.

I also frequently attend webinars conducted by campuses or other communities related to my interest, namely disaster risk reduction.

Zoom is very easy to use whether using Windows or using a Smartphone.

Participants only click on the invitation link that has been received, then enter the password that was previously given by the committee.

We can interact directly with the organizers and other webinar participants. Zoom also features a chat feature, which can be used to ask questions or post comments.

For me, friends who read the blog can try to use this application, because in my opinion, this application will help friends in communicating with friends, family, lecturers, teachers, or business colleagues.

For information Zoom licensed freeware and office & Business category, available in various languages ​​such as English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish.

The download size is 11.00 MB and secured with SSL and 256 bit AES encryption. Zoom Pro accounts are available for around $ 14.99 per month per host.
Zoom became a popular application in early 2020 after the world was hit by the Coronavirus because many of the world's population are required to work from home.

3 Important Things To Support Zoom Meeting

After understanding the difference in between Zoom Fulfilling and various other solutions, let's understand just how to use this zoom conference application

1. Camera

Video cameras, whether installed in a wise device or a separate cam. Normally, modern computer systems, laptop computers, or mobile phones currently have a cam capable adequate to gain access to Zoom.

For camera issues not to worry, we have suggestions for those of you that want a Camera/Webcam ideal for Zoom. Here are 5 Top Webcams Certified for Zoom

2. Microphone

Microphone or mic. Much like the electronic camera, usually, the mic is additionally embedded in the clever device. You can test your voice through the audio setups in the application.

If the result and audio input is bothersome, we suggest that you use a separate mic or headset.

3. Internet connection

Net connection. Naturally, to connect you with coworkers via video clip call, you require a fast and steady internet connection.

Zoom 5.2.3 Download For Windows

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