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Download Client Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes

Download Client Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes - In posting this article, we'll walk through the recommended settings for the SAP Cloud for Customer. Add-In for IBM Lotus Notes, along with some of the most useful features. Before we start, ensure that your administrator has installed the add-in in your IBM Lotus Notes by checking for this icon in the sidebar. Log in to the SAP solution from IBM Lotus Notes.

Download Client Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes
Ensure that you use the URL provided by your administrator. Let's walk through some of the recommended settings. In the settings for SAP Cloud for Customer, the system can remember the URL and other login data, saving you time. Just enter your login data here. "Remember My Password" means that the system keeps your password, but you still have to log on with the button. "Log On Automatically" means that the system tries to keep you logged on whenever you open IBM Lotus Notes until you specifically log off.

"Synchronization" updates your data, ensuring that any new information or changes in one system are reflected in the other. Automatic synchronization keeps your information up-to-date. Most users find the default setting of updating every 5 minutes to be sufficient. To improve performance and increase storage space, you can limit the time range for the appointments and tasks that are synchronized. We recommend the default setting, which synchronizes all appointments and tasks.

Apply the settings you've made. Next, run an initial download to copy your accounts, contacts, appointments, and tasks from the SAP solution into IBM Lotus Notes. The system synchronizes any contacts that have been assigned to your accounts in the SAP Cloud for Customer solution, along with your appointments and tasks, and you see an update message as confirmation. We'll look at how to hide these update messages in a few moments. To access an account's contacts, you must be on that account's team or assigned as an owner.

Download Client Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes

After the initial synchronization, you'll see separate folders created for SAP Cloud for Customer information. The folders under e-mail contain e-mail messages, tasks, and appointments. Under "Contacts", you'll find your contacts and the related account's information. If you'd rather not see status updates after every synchronization, in the settings, under "Advanced", set your notifications to silent mode.

Now, let's look at some of the features. The add-in for IBM Lotus Notes lets you see and use some of the information from the SAP solution, right from your e-mail. When you get an e-mail from one of your contacts at Sam, you can see the corresponding contact and account information in the add-in sidebar. This e-mail is directly related to the Sam lead you're working on, so you associate the two by dragging the e-mail onto the lead in the sidebar.

After the next synchronization, this e-mail appears in your SAP solution, as part of that lead. Back in IBM Lotus Notes, if you want more information about the account, just click the account name. At the expo in place, you met Harmaini, new contact for one of your accounts. Looks like he's not in your SAP solution yet. So, you add him as a contact in IBM Lotus Notes. In your Accounts folder, you select the company he's with, and pin it so that it stays in the sidebar.

The pinned account is at your fingertips, so you can associate your new contact with it easily. You create a new contact. Make sure to enter at least John's last name, along with any other information you may have. Because you've pinned the account, it's still in the sidebar. Just drag your new contact onto the account name. You synchronize your data manually to ensure that your new contact's information is uploaded to your SAP solution right away. John's data is now part of your account information in your SAP solution.

You are now familiar with the recommended settings for the SAP Cloud for Customer Add-In for IBM Lotus Notes, along with some of its most useful features. Thanks for have read our article.

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To get a zoom application that will be installed on your device. We have provided a download address that is very easy to use. Download Client Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes.

Download Client Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes

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