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Best Messaging App for Android

Best Messaging App for Android

Best Messaging App for Android

Best Messaging App for Android. Sending messages, for now, is not a strange thing anymore, for those of you who use mobile phones, definitely feel the ease of communicating. Whether it's in the form of text messages or voice messages, such as calling the people we need and chatting directly through mobile devices. But it all costs money, such as credit or the like, if any.

The disadvantage of this technology that people rarely use is that we can't chat directly by looking at the face of our interlocutor. But that was then, now technology is much more sophisticated.

For now, we can send messages, be it in writing or voice, and for others, we can do it online. Of course, using this method does not require a fee, we only have to have an internet connection, so everything can be done easily and quickly.

To send messages online today, of course, requires an application and a device that supports it. Here we give an example of an Android smartphone device.

So if you want to send or contact someone via android online. Then you have to install a messaging application, there are many types of this application, from free to paid. Here our site MESSAGING will provide some of the most used instant messaging applications in the world.

Best Messaging App for Android

The following is a list of selected applications that we recommend for you. Keep in mind that every application that we will discuss is not necessarily according to your tastes at this time. We chose it, because of the many uses of the application for now. Check out the list of applications that we provide.


WhatsApp is the main choice in our discussion this time because this application is already very popular. It can be said that there are no android users who do not install this application on their smartphones.

On the Google Play Store, for now, WhatsApp has a rating of 4.1 and it has been proven that more than 5 billion people have used this application. Or see a snippet of pictures that we took from the google play store directly.

Best Messaging App for Android

This application created by the developer WatsApp Inc. offers various interesting features such as sending photos, video calls and even you can make your own WhatsApp stickers via your Android smartphone.

What WhatsApp offers

  • Send your private message to all corners of the world
  • Very simple and safe connection to use
  • Have high quality for video calls and also for voice calls
  • Create a group to connect in messages
  • Connected all the time
  • Create a status, for your WhatsApp contacts to see

In addition, you can also create groups to strengthen family relationships, school alumni friends, and other groups to make it easier for you to interact with people who join the group. Besides being used on Android smartphones, the WhatsApp application can also be used for PCs via the WhatsApp web without having to install chat software, making it easier for you to access WhatsApp on both PC and Smartphone.

But the developers of this application also provide stand-alone applications for desktop devices. You can directly see the official website. Or you can click the link below.


The next chat application is Telegram, in this application you can create an ID that serves as a tool to add friendship. In addition to chatting, Telegram also has fun game features to play with new friends or groups in your Telegram.

For Rentingnya on the Google Play Store for now it reaches 4.3, or see the snippet we took from the google play store directly.

Best Messaging App for Android

What Telegram has to offer

  • FAST
  • 100% FREE & OPEN
  • FUN

This Telegram app is very famous for its privacy, in the past, some countries even blocked this application from being used in their country.

Besides that, you can also use Telegram on your PC/Linux device, for macOS devices, Android smartphones, and also iPhone/iPad. If you want to use this telegram messenger, click the link below.

Telegram For Android


The third option is signal, even this application is not inferior to Telegram, some even say that the famous signal is almost the same as Telegram, because of its very strong privacy.

As for the renting on the Google Play Store, it currently reaches 4.4, or you can see directly the snippet that we took from the Google Play Store directly.

Best Messaging App for Android

The developer also provides this application with features that are very interesting and needed for messaging application users. Here are the features that the signal app has.

What Signal has to offer

  • Say anything
  • Go fast
  • Feel free
  • Be yourself
  • Speak up
  • Whisper in the shadows
  • Sound familiar

If you have never experienced the thrill of using this application before, please use the link below to download it.

Signal For Android

Facebook Messenger

Facebook also doesn't want to be left behind by creating an application for chatting, namely Facebook Messenger. Because considering the number of people who need a chat application to make it easier to communicate with other people.

This application is connected to Facebook so that if you want to chat with your friends, You can use this application so that your chats are not known by many people.

What Messenger has to offer

  • FREE

For now, Messenger is getting a branch on the Google Play Store 4.0, and there are a lot of users, including me. Check out the image I cropped straight from the Google Play Store.

Best Messaging App for Android

You can also send stickers or emojis that are available in this application so that your chat becomes more exciting and fun. This application is also a chat application that most people use, it is proven that more than 1 billion people have installed this application.


The last of our discussion is Skype, this application you can use for the best online meetings. It can even accommodate up to 50 people at once in just one video call, which is very suitable for use in the current pandemic conditions.

For branches on the google play store, as of now, it is 4.3, you can check it yourself, or see a snippet of pictures that we took from the google play store directly.

Best Messaging App for Android

Skype is not only used for Android smartphones but the Skype application can also be used for PC and iPhone devices which makes this application also one of the favorite applications for its users.

This application created by the Skype developer offers a variety of interesting features that make this application a lot of people like and it has been proven that more than 1 billion people have downloaded and used this application.

What Skype has to offer

  • Video calls
  • Chat
  • SMS Connect
  • Share
  • Voice calls
  • Express yourself

For the download link, you can see below.

Download Skype

Best Messaging App for Android. Those are some of the messaging applications that we present, apart from our explanation above, whether or not the application is good or not all still depends on the user. Our point here is, if you need an application that concerns your communication needs, then choose the appropriate one, go to the most popular one. Thank you.

For those of you who need other social media applications, you can directly click Download Messaging App. Then select the software that is needed and according to your needs.

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