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Difference Between Zoom Meeting and Webinar

Difference Between Zoom Meeting and Webinar

Difference Between Zoom Meeting and Webinar

Difference Between Zoom Meeting and Webinar. During this pandemic, it still hasn't disappeared and is forcing us to adapt to new habits. One of them is, how do we learn or work on problems. And all that we have to do from home, of course, by using a video conferencing platform. With this platform, we can do each of these activities remotely, without meeting face to face.

According to our knowledge, this is the first time a pandemic has occurred and we are required to study from home. Many have experienced difficulties in terms of using this video conferencing platform. The problem is because maybe this is the first time for some people to do activities in this way.

For applications with this type of video conferencing. there are actually many video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others. Although there are many applications of this type, Zoom App is the most popular application today.

Zoom App Function

Zoom is a communication software using video and can be used in devices, smartphones, desktops, to phones with room systems.

In general, the use of video conferencing can be divided into two, namely Online Meetings and webinars. Even though they are both video conference activities and use the same application, the Zoom App. However, there are some differences between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar in carrying out their activities. In the following, we will explain and explain the differences between the two.

Difference Between Zoom Meeting and Webinar

Zoom Meeting

  • Function.
    Created for partnership Feature.

  • Waiting Rooms.
    Apart from requiring a password, organizers can trigger Waiting Rooms to display participants as well as make sure that just those invited to the event can sign up.

  • Registration.
    For accredited Zoom Meetings customers, you have the alternative to schedule your meeting and require individual enrollment. Tailor your signup page to record the fields you desire.

  • Screen sharing.
    Satisfying hosts can share material and allow individuals to also share their screens. While sharing your display, you can additionally play songs as well as video clips.

  • Whiteboarding.
    When sharing the screen, you have the alternative to share the whiteboard. Like a blackboard in a class, you can draw, type, and also paste stickers on it. Meeting hosts can permit individuals to share comments, indicating they can also utilize common web content.

  • Breakout Rooms.
    The Breakout Areas feature allows you to divide your conference into 100 separate sessions, creating private spaces for close partnership and small group discussions.
  • Reactions.
    Satisfying individuals can react throughout the meeting with emojis to interact without disrupting the conference. The emoji will show up in the edge of the individual's video.

  • Chat.
    Conversation in conference supports 1-to-1 exclusive conversation in addition to group conversation. Satisfying organizers can pick who participants can chat with or disable chat totally.

  • Polls.
    For certified Zoom Conferences users, you can set up and launch approximately 25 surveys in a single conference. Present single-choice or multiple-choice polls for meeting attendees to obtain involved.

  • Streaming.
    Accredited Zoom individuals have the capacity to stream to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or dedicated streaming service to expand their target market reach.

  • View management.
    Host or Co-Host can highlight as many as 9 video participants as active keynote speakers, and participants will only see this audio speaker. This feature is typically utilized to display the major audio speaker. Host or Co-Host can additionally reposition the display screen order of participant galleries.

Zoom Webinar

  • Feature.
    Supply presentations to a target market.

  • Registration.
    When scheduling your webinar, you can request enrollment. Like meetings, you can personalize your signup web page to catch the fields you desire.

  • Branding.
    Personalize your webinar registration page with color schemes, titles, banners, logos and also audio speaker details.

  • Source monitoring Links.
    Within the Zoom webinar item, you can produce special web links that allow you to see where your registrants are originating from if you share your webinar registration page in multiple locations. For example, you can share one source monitoring link on Facebook and also another on Twitter to see which does ideal.

  • Q&A.
    The Q&An attribute allows individuals to send questions during the webinar. Hosts, Co-Hosts, and also panelists can respond to any type of questions asked. Additionally, if the Host enables it, individuals can respond to and also sustain various other participants' questions. After the webinar, you can download the Q&A record and examine the inquiries that have actually been submitted. For example, to give a post-webinar follow-up experience, you can review the concerns and subjects individuals asked.

  • PayPal and Eventbrite combinations.
    The PayPal integration enables you to bill registration charges for your webinars, and the Eventbrite integration allows you to sell tickets and manage your webinar enrollment and also individual information instantly integrated. Have a look at the Zoom App Market to see Zoom combinations for webinars.

  • Post-webinar survey.
    When arranging a webinar, you can establish a survey that will show up after the occasion. You can produce your own survey or redirect individuals to a 3rd party study. This function is terrific for getting comments on just how the event is profiting, whether the content is appropriate, and so on.

  • Attendee view management.
    With webinars, you have three-way screen assistance to show panelists, energetic audio speakers, as well as presentations simultaneously. What's even more, the host can highlight video clips of several customers, allowing participants on the desktop computer to see these. Webinar hosts, as well as panelists, can likewise reposition the order of the Gallery Sight (Gallery Sight).

  • Streaming.
    With Zoom for webinars, you likewise have the capability to get to a bigger audience by streaming to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or to various other streaming platforms.

Difference Between Zoom Meeting and Webinar. After you read and compare between the two, be it in terms of work, or something else. So when we will use this Zoom application, we will choose what type we need.

For example, if you are going to hold a seminar, here it is better to choose the Zoom Webinar application. It is different if you have an important meeting, which is required to discuss or exchange opinions. This means that in a meeting there must be sound and video, then Zoom Meeting is the right choice.

For those of you who need other social media applications, you can directly click Download Messaging App. Then select the software that is needed and according to your needs.

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