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Game Features On Zoom Application

Game Features On Zoom Application
Game Features On Zoom Application

Zoom has long been used as a platform for multi-video calls. But since the pandemic hit, Zoom has become one of the most popular platforms with an increasing number of users. Finally, Zoom has become the mainstay of users who work from home or school from home.

Apparently, Zoom is aware of the current market needs during the pandemic. The company is now not only providing a platform for video conferencing but also rolling out support features for third-party applications to be used on its platform. This feature is named Zoom Apps.

As reported by The Verge (22/7), Zoom Apps has actually been planned by the company since October last year along with the virtual event scheduling and monetization feature, namely OnZoom. This support feature for third-party applications allows users to be able to access multiple applications directly while in a virtual meeting on Zoom.

With this feature, users do not need to open up to several application windows in order to work simultaneously with Zoom. This will certainly make it easier for users to collaborate and integrate several activities, including playing light games with friends, without having to leave the virtual meeting on Zoom.

Citing Ubergizmo, the company said that with the existence of Zoom Apps, users can summarize workflows, collaborate with colleagues, and can also avoid boredom while in virtual meetings. Zoom Apps, which integrate Zoom Meetings with third-party applications, will appear directly on users' Zoom calls. Currently, Zoom says there are more than 50 supported apps on the platform. This includes apps like Asana, Pexels background apps, or even games like Heads Up.

To be able to use Zoom Apps, users are required to have the latest version of the Zoom app. After that, users will be able to install those third-party apps from the new Apps tab, which will appear in the toolbar during a Zoom call. In the future, the company is likely to add more applications.

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