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How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick. From the title of this article, you must know that one of the very useful features of the Whatsapp application. The feature that we mean here is that there is a sign that the message we sent has been read by the recipient, it is clear that it has a blue tick.

In addition, when other people will reply to our messages, then the profile photo will say "typing". It is these features that are very useful for messaging app users. They will know that the message was read or the message is being replied to.

However, for those of you who are reading this article, of course, the features that I mean above are not needed. Or sometimes it's needed and sometimes it's best to get rid of it.

But the developer of this application has made the best, such as the 'bluetick feature. So if you really don't need it, then we will provide some tips or tricks as if this feature doesn't exist.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

Here I will give you 5 tips or tricks that you can use so that the feature we mean does not work. Here we are not eliminating the feature, but changing some settings or other ways so that this feature does not run.

Using Widget Notifications

The second way so that the message we read is not known, by reading it through a widget. This means that you have to add a new widget on the Android Smartphone screen.

For how to add widgets on the android screen, please press and hold on the main screen of the android screen. Next will come out a box, here you can select the widget.

Here you will see a widget box containing menus because we want to create a WhatsApp widget, then choose the box with the WhatsApp menu. Successful or not, please check in the main android menu whether the widget that we created has appeared.

Reading from Quick Settings

Messages from friends via Whatsapp that you want to avoid can be read through Quick Settings. Read the message, while the sender will not get a blue tick in the chat room.

You certainly know what Quick setting is, but for those who don't know what we mean here, you can listen to the explanation.

Quick Settings are not the default WhatsApp application, but the Bar located at the top of the Smartphone. Usually, if there is a notification that will come out on the smartphone screen, that's what we mean.

So, if you get a WhatsApp message from someone, there will be a notification on the smartphone. By doing a swiping motion from top to bottom, the message sent can be read, and of course in the WhatsApp chat place, there will be no blue tick.

The point is that every message you read in this way, will not be known by the sender. Has the message been read or not?

Activate Airplane Mode

This method is indeed very easy, but while doing this method we cannot be contacted, because it is in Airplane Mode. But for those of you who want to read WhatsApp messages so they don't know, they can't be contacted for a while.

So every time you read a message in this state, the sender will not get a report that the message has been read. Keep in mind, that you must exit the WhatsApp application before activating the phone again.

To activate this mode, please swipe the android screen from top to bottom, then look for the airplane icon, touch to activate it. It should be noted, for some androids, the position we mean is below

Privacy Settings

Note, that this trick will remove everything related to the blue tick. So when you do this last trick, all the messages you read will not be blue ticked. And vice versa, you will not see the blue tick in the message that has been sent, even though the recipient has read it.

How to set the privacy that we mean here is, go to the WhatsApp menu, tap settings. The next step is the choice of account and then privacy. Finally, change the last seen section to nobody and uncheck read receipts.

Well, those are some ways so that the messages on WhatsApp that we read don't get notifications to the sender, have they been read or not. For those of you who need this WhatsApp application, you can click the link below.

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