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Line App Review History, Features and Advantages

Line App Review History, Features and Advantages

Line App Review History, Features and Advantages

Line App Review History, Features, and Advantages. In this modern era, the rapid development of technology is not a strange thing anymore, especially in the field of information technology. It can be said that all companies engaged in the information sector continue to make improvements both in terms of the creation of features of instant messaging applications or other types.

Their goal is to make everyone tempted to use every application made by them. It can also be aimed at its users, in order to stay at home using applications that have been released. This means they won't switch to other software, even though messaging apps do come with a lot of interesting features.

Well, for those of you smartphone users, using one of the messaging apps is like an obligation, be it WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook or others. The goal is to easily connect with family or other acquaintances.

Of the many messaging apps that we know, here we will choose one for us to discuss from its development to its features. The application we mean here is LINE.

Although not as popular as WhatsApp, LINE also has quite a lot of users, even on the google play store LINE has a rating of 4.1. You can check for yourself or directly see the image we cut directly from the Google Play store. You need to remember that this calculation can change at any time, the value could go up, it could go down.

Line App Review History, Features and Advantages

Ok, now we will go straight to the point, namely the development of the line application, the use of Line, the features that you can enjoy on Line. For the first discussion, let us review the history of its development.

Line App Review History, Features and Advantages

Line Development History

Actually, this LINE App was created for the first time for disaster response needs. The disaster we mean is the one that occurred in 2011, to be precise in Tohuka which is located in Japan.

Due to the breakdown of communication tools at the time of the disaster nationwide, NHN Japan, the unit of NHN Corporation South Korea, began to rely on other internet-based resources. And the solution they chose was to develop the application we are discussing (LINE), to be used as a broken communication tool, and in June 2011 it was officially released to the public.

Their solutions and efforts finally paid off, as evidenced by the satisfaction of the public at the presence of LINE. It is even said that the server of this application is overloaded, the cause is, yes, because of the increase in users.

100 million online users were recorded eight months after its release, and the increase continues to soar. Up to six months later it has more than 200 million users. Until now, there are still many users of this application from various circles.

Its development is not only for instant messaging, the proof is that now line has various other interesting features. But for a special line for free calls and sending messages, the features in it are as follows.

Features of LINE Calls & Messages

  • Messages
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • LINE stickers
  • LINE emoji
  • LINE themes
  • LINE Home
  • LINE Timeline

As we said above, its development does not stop there. We can use this application in addition to communicating, we can enjoy the convenience of doing daily activities, such as reading news, financial services so that we can get entertainment from this LINE application. Interesting isn't it, to get to know it better, now let's go into the discussion of its other features.

Line Features

Regardless of the features, you have in chat, whether it's free calls, create groups, send stickers, emojis, and others to each other. We will discuss Line in addition to what I mentioned earlier.

    Need information about games, the world of artists, automotive, entertainment, technology, and others. So, access the Today line, this can be said to be a very interesting news portal, this information is very reliable.

    You can access this feature from the line application that is already installed on your device. Or it can be directly through the web browser application that you have.

  2. LINE Healthcare.
    This LINE feature offers you consultation services based on chat, and of course in the health category, so use it according to the rules set by Line.

    Talk directly about your concerns regarding your own health or that of your family. You will be given certain suggestions, such as how to protect yourself from disease and others.

    Easy isn't it, we can consult directly with health tips just by sitting at home.

  3. LINE Pay.
    This feature was present in the past 2014, this allows relatives or Line users to send money, but of course with fellow LINE application users. To register for Line Pay is very easy, see the image below.
    Line App Review History, Features and AdvantagesTo be broad in using this one feature, you are required to confirm your identity. Please do, for example, you need it.

    As the name suggests, in this Line feature we can enjoy Japanese music services with millions of songs contained in them. Besides that, you can watch music videos, you can also sing together.

    Honestly, I have not tried to use this feature, if you are interested, it doesn't hurt to try. What more if you are a lover of music from Japan.

  5. LINE Keep.
    This is a feature of cloud storage, just like cloud storage in general. Here you can easily store photos, images, videos, links, text, and more.

    1 Gb For storage capacity that we can use or provide by his party. With this, we can more easily and comfortably share files with the people we want.

    People-Friendly AI, I will explain a little about what "AI" is. According to the term, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligence system that is implanted or added by humans into a technology, which will later be developed in a scientific context or formed from an existing scientific entity.

    Intelligence here emphasizes the ability to acquire new knowledge and can be applied directly. Although AI has a scientific connotation, it also forms a branch of computer science, learning, behavior (behavioral), and adaptation to a machine.

    Why am I explaining it, so you know that the one who will serve you here is not a direct human? This is to the best of my knowledge if there is an error in my explanation. Please leave a comment in the column provided below.

So far, is that all that Line has, the answer is no. There are many more that you can enjoy on LINE, if you are curious you can use it immediately. For those who need the line installation file, please click the link below.

LINE Latest Version

LINE Advantages

  1. Can be used for free.
    As we know, users can use LINE freely and for free via the internet.

  2. The number of group members is quite large.
    Unlike the WhatsApp application which is limited to 256 members, LINE presents a larger number, namely 500 members.

  3. Supports multiple platforms.
    LINE has been developed on many popular operating systems today such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Nokia Asha Series, and Firefox OS. Some OS may be out of development and LINE of course also stopped developing apps for those platforms.

  4. LINE stickers are unrivaled.
    LINE presents a variety of funny and unique stickers that are probably much better than the stickers presented by other instant messaging applications. To get it, users must buy with points or make payments with Google Play/credit.

  5. LINE Lite is available.
    For users of low-end phones with very limited internal memory and RAM, it is recommended to use LINE Lite with a relatively lighter size and usage.

Finally, for every explanation we provide above, we take the source from the official line site and other trusted sites. If there are any discrepancies or errors in our writing, please reprimand us through the comments column or via contact. THANK YOU.

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