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The advantages and disadvantages of the Zoom Meeting Application

The advantages and disadvantages of the Zoom Meeting Application

Zoom is a renewable technology pioneered by a Communication Technology Company from the United States. Zoom itself is a type of application or website technology designed as a form of convenience for discussions or live teleconferences remotely.

The following will discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Zoom as one of today's renewable technologies.

Advantages of Zoom

1. Large Space Capacity

Basically, remote discussion or conference technology was created to make it easier for users to communicate with members. It is not uncommon for members of each discussion group to have quite a number of members. This can be traced further when used in the education sector, which is generally accessed by a large number of people.

Zoom provides a solution for every space problem for users. Access to space capacity provided by this technology is quite large. Unmitigated, Zoom provides 1,000 access for members in one discussion forum, and 10,000 members in one live broadcast forum. This makes it quite easy for users, especially the education sector, to carry out remote discussions.

The various advantages and disadvantages of Zoom have always been a separate point of view. However, if it is also seen from the access to a large enough space capacity, it will certainly give a special assessment from users to the founder of Zoom technology. More than that, Zoom will certainly continue to innovate and develop its newest technology

2. Diverse Features

Have you ever felt insecure when using remote discussion technology using certain applications? Like the condition of the face that looks tired and not fresh. No need to worry, because basically, Zoom has provided a solution to this problem. One of the Zoom features that other remote discussion technologies don't have is the face editing feature.

Recently, Zoom released one of these features in order to provide its own confidence for its users. On average, users have low self-confidence when using remote discussion technology. This feature can adjust the brightness as well as photos in general. Not only that, there is also a unique and unprecedented background replacement feature.

In addition to the image features available in Zoom technology, there is also an accessibility feature to turn on and turn off sound and images. This access is claimed to be quite useful for users, especially in sound quality. When a discussion is running, of course, it must provide conditions conducive to smooth activities. The feature of muting the microphone on discussion participants can be one of these alternatives.

3. High Access Quality

High-quality access in this case is meant by the sound and images available. In a discussion forum or live broadcast, of course, discussion participants need an actual and clear source of information. Many ways are done by users to meet these needs. Such as providing speakers at home, turning on access with a large monitor screen, and various others.

But for those of you who are loyal to using Zoom, you don't need to worry about the problems above. The reason is, Zoom provides high-quality access to its users. This is certainly a positive side for zoom users in general. Not infrequently, Zoom users find it very helpful with features like this.

If Zoom users wish, there is also high-quality access to the presentation screen. The presentation screen is provided so well for Zoom users to facilitate convenience and smoothness in discussions. Likewise, live broadcasts owned by Zoom technology are not much different in quality from discussion access in general.

Disadvantages of Zoom

1. Wasteful Data Quota Usage

For Wi-Fi users, of course, accessing remote discussions or conferences is a matter of course. All you have to do is pay the monthly fee at the nearest internet office, and you can just run the quality internet access. But do you know one of the advantages and disadvantages of Zoom on the negative side of the impact of its shortcomings?

Wasteful use of data quota is one of Zoom's shortcomings which has become a public secret in general. How not, Zoom's extensive access allows the use of increasingly large internet data. So, it is recommended for you to provide sufficient internet data. Or if you need to use the type of un-limited quota that is not limited to the use of data access.

However, it should be noted that the use of wasteful data depends on each individual. So, there is no need to think equally for everyone. It's good for Zoom users to use this technology as wisely as possible. If using the message room is still quite possible. Maybe Zoom can be the next choice if you want to meet face to face remotely.

2. No Indonesian Language Available

English as a universal language should indeed be learned for all people in the world, including the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. But did you know? No matter how smart everyone's World Language skills are, of course, access to Indonesian language information is still needed for some people. This is a drawback for Zoom technology.

Zoom technology does not provide the Indonesian language as a feature to support discussions or live broadcasts. Access languages ​​that may still be used for users are English, Portuguese, Dutch, and so on. Generally, Zoom users are more interested in using English because it is considered the easiest to understand.

However, for those of you who are not good at implementing or learning English, there is no need to worry about using Zoom as a remote discussion requirement. There is the convenience of Google Translate to answer solutions to problems that occur. And for access to using Zoom in English, it is not too heavy and easy enough for everyone to understand.

3. Prone to Data Leaks

When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of Zoom, a data leak is certainly one of the scariest Zoom shortcomings that have ever happened. The reason is, news has spread to most circles that there are many data leaks both from within the country and outside the country of Indonesia.

Data leakage that occurs is not a small problem. Data that is vulnerable to hacking can lead to someone's personal data. So it is very likely that if you have the most important information such as business, education, photos, it will be easily spread widely on social media networks. Especially if the data is used as a crime that is rampant in foreign countries.

But for those of you who are worried about one of these shortcomings. Access that can be exposed to data leaks can be overcome by not needing to register an account. It is enough to join the Meeting ID and Password from the discussion. This method is claimed to be a solution for those of you who still want to use Zoom in safe mode.

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