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The Immersive View feature in Zoom meetings makes virtual meetings even more exciting

The Immersive view feature and function

The Immersive view feature and function

Recently, the Zoom app added a new feature known as Immersive View. Through the Immersive View feature, video calls via Zoom are as if they were in a room, such as classes and meeting rooms.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which is still uncontrolled, has made people take advantage of several applications for online meetings or classes.

To make the online meeting and class experience even more interesting, Zoom adds a new feature that is quite interesting.

The newest feature that Zoom has added is Immersive View. This feature is basically similar to a virtual background that displays a meeting room or class.

Even more interactive, the host can arrange the layout of the participants who join the meeting.

Quoting from Zoom's official announcement via its official website, Immersive View aims to improve the virtual meeting experience more enjoyable.

This feature is interesting enough to make the atmosphere of meetings, classes, and webinars more exciting and interesting. Immersive View can only place a maximum of 25 participants.

If there are additions, other participants will appear at the top, not included in the Immersive View section.

The Immersive View feature is available for the Zoom app on both Windows and macOS versions 5.6.3 and above. Make sure the user is using the Zoom application according to the version. If it hasn't been updated, you can only get a black screen background behind.

Do you want to try it? Update your Zoom application to the latest version, or at least version 5.6.3 and above to enjoy these features.

The official Twitter Zoom account also shares interesting tips for accessing this Immersive View feature, which you can see below.

Sometimes we need a change of scenery, even on Zoom! Now, you can use our new Immersive View to bring people into a scene, like a classroom, fireside chat, or boardroom

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