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The Latest Features of the Zoom 5.0 Video Conference Application

The Latest Features of the Zoom 5.0 Video Conference Application

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Popular video conferencing service, Zoom has updated its service with the launch of the Zoom 5.0 version. The company added support for 256-bit GCM ACM encryption.

According to Zoom's Chief Product Officer, Oded Gal, AES 256-bit GCM encryption is claimed to increase the security of their users' data.

"On the back-end, GCM's 256-bit AES encryption will raise the bar for securing our user data in the process," Gal wrote as quoted in the release.

"On the front-end, I like the Security icon the most in the meeting menu. It combines our existing and new security features and makes security the main focus for users as hosts," he continued.

Furthermore, Gal said, the encryption technology can also be integrated with Zoom meeting sessions, Zoom Video Webinars, and telephone data.

The company led by Eric Yuan has scheduled Zoom 5.0 to be released this week and there will be system-wide account enablement that takes place on May 30, 2020.

Here are the features the company brought with the Zoom 5.0 update:

1. Control data routing

A person appointed as an admin can choose which data center to use during meetings and webinars. This feature can allow admins to know real-time traffic of account, group or user activity.

2. Security icon

The company decided to move the Security icon side by side with the Hosts column of the Meeting menu.

3. The host has stronger control over the continuity of the meeting

In the Zoom 5.0 update, a person designated as a host can report users via the Security feature. They can also disable the feature for participants to change their names or identities during a virtual session of the meeting.

Especially for Zoom customers engaged in the education sector, the Share Screen feature is only allowed for hosts.

4. Waiting Room Feature

The Waiting Room feature allows hosts to activate a virtual waiting room before participants join the meeting. Zoom has changed this feature to be the default (default feature) for both Basic and Professional category users.

"All hosts can now also activate the Waiting Room feature while their virtual meeting is in progress," said Gal.

5. Complex passwords can be set automatically

This feature allows Zoom users to set their more complex passwords. For accounts managed by admins, he can later define password complexities such as alphanumeric length and special character requirements.

"In addition, Zoom admins for the phone call service can now customize the length of the PIN required to access voice mail," said Gal.

6. Password will be recorded via cloud

The automatically set password can be accessed in the cloud recording feature.

7. Improved dashboard

Admins who specialize in managing business and education accounts in the Zoom 5.0 update can see how online meetings will connect to the Zoom data center on their Zoom Dashboard.

"This includes all data centers connected to HTTP Tunnel servers as well as Conference Room Connectors and gateways.

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