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WhatsApp Business Review, Uses, and Features

WhatsApp Business Review, Uses, and Features

WhatsApp Business Review, Uses, and Features

WhatsApp Business Review, Uses, and Features. WhatsApp Business is an application that is generally used by people who manage a business. Whether it's a small business or a medium business, for example, if you have a company that is already growing rapidly, using this application is also a good thing.

This application is here so that WhatsApp is not only used for messaging but can also be used to channel a business that you have to all customers. In essence, WhatsApp released the Business application with the aim of improving your business experience.

WhatsApp Business Review, Uses, and Features

This platform is already in a standalone or standalone version without third-party applications, for example having to open using a web browser. This application comes by looking at small and large businessmen, aiming to make it easier for you to communicate with customers in a good and professional manner.

Don't ever assume that what's the point of using WhatsApp business, for communication with customers, you can use WhatsApp Messenger.

If that is what comes to your mind, then I state that your opinion is wrong. Why do I say that, because these two applications have different features? To convince my brother I will provide a snippet of this app's renting image on the google play store, see below.

WhatsApp Business Review, Uses, and Features
Screenshot of Whatsapp Business on google play store

You can see for yourself the rent earned by Whatsapp Business, for now, has reached 4.2, in the future, it may increase even more. because more and more people are familiar with its features and advantages. Check out what WhatsApp Business has.

WhatsApp Business Features:

  • Profile.
    This business profile feature aims to make your existing and new customers always aware of any information about the business you are running.

    In this feature, you can provide a description of what business you run, you can also link your current location or address.

    In addition, you can provide categories to clarify the content of your business. Don't forget to also include an email and a website that will help your customers to contact or visit your website.

    When compared to the WhatsApp Messenger profile feature, you can only display your name, cellphone number, and brief information.

  • Customer Account Name.
    WhatsApp Carrier users can easily alter their account name without any time frame. However, you can not do this on the WhatsApp Service application since the account name can not be transformed. Therefore, you have to make certain of the appropriate name before filling it in.

  • Utilizing a Home or Job Contact Number.
    In this business application, in addition to making use of a mobile number, you can likewise include a home or job telephone number. However, WhatsApp recommends not to alter phone numbers as well as need to define a long-term mobile number.

    Can you make use of WhatsApp Carrier and also WhatsApp Service on one phone? You do not need to fret due to the fact that both applications can be used on one phone. Only, you have to utilize a different mobile number in both applications.

  • Auto Message Function.
    WhatsApp Service has three automated messaging features and this function is absent in WhatsApp Messenger. Away messenger, activate this function if there is an inbound message from a client outside of functioning hours or when business is closed, a message reply will automatically be sent.

    • Welcoming message.
      You can use this automated message to new consumers to greet as an initial welcoming. In addition, with this function entrepreneurs can offer a whole new item to their consumers.

    • Quick response.
      You can respond to incoming messages with the exact same question message. The easy method is to produce multiple messages that consumers are most likely to ask the very same question concerning your organization. If there is an inbound message, type the reduce sign "/" it will certainly show the formerly created fast replies. Save time, right.

  • Message Data.
    Individuals of the WhatsApp Messenger application can hide info after the message is read. While WhatsApp Organization, you can examine the statistical number of messages that have been sent out and received messages. With this feature, company individuals can discover what messages work.

  • Service Category.
    In the account column on WhatsApp Business, you can pick a group that has been signed up. If none of the business classifications match, pick "others". While on WhatsApp Messenger, there is no this attribute. This of course can make it much easier for clients to know what service you are running.

  • Tick Noting on Organization Accounts.
    WhatsApp Business will confirm the business account with the signed-up phone number. If the telephone number provided is certainly the firm's, the WhatsApp Organization account will be validated. WhatsApp Business will certainly put a green checkmark on validated accounts. Giving this eco-friendly tick is not enforced in the WhatsApp Messenger application.

  • Organizing "Tag" Messages.
    The message organizing feature makes it easier for business individuals to communicate with their customers. The grouping of messages consisted of in this application, including potential customers, new messages, waiting for payment, paid, and finished messages. So you can quickly organize your clients according to the content of the message. This function does not exist in WhatsApp Carrier.

  • Application Logo design.
    The logo design pictures in both applications are really different. In WhatsApp Messenger, the logo design picture remains in the type of a telephone receiver, while in the WhatsApp Business application the logo design photo utilizes among the letters of the capital alphabet, namely "B". However, the logo design history on both applications still utilizes the eco-friendly color that is characteristic of WhatsApp.

How to Use WhatsApp Business

You only need to install WhatsApp Business on your smartphone, then verify as usual. If you don't have the installation file, click the link below.

Download WhatsApp Business

If you want to switch from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business, make sure to backup your chats first. The goal is that your old chat history is not lost when used in the Business version.

But if you choose not to use the same number, please use another cellphone number or the one you use for doing business. That way you don't have to interfere with the use of WhatsApp Messenger.

Next, do the settings through the special menu provided on WA Business, see a little explanation that we will provide:

Next, make the settings through the special menu provided in WA Business. Tap Settings then go to Business Settings and you will see the menu options in it:

  1. Profiles.
    Here you can fill in all the available fields so that they appear on your WA profile, including folders, categories, descriptions, emails, and website URLs.

  2. Statistics.
    This section will display statistics from your chat for analysis needs and so on.

  3. Short Links.
    Its function is to create a click-to-chat link, just as described here. The difference is, you can now make it directly through the WhatsApp application.
Next, here we will provide an explanation and how to set up the three types of messaging tools that have been provided in WhatsApp Business:

  1. Away messages.
    Check this menu if you want to display an away message or ignore it if it is not needed.

    Basically, this menu is used to reply to chats when your shop or service is closed so that consumers know about it and don't have to wait until you respond when you are on standby.

    Advanced settings are available in this menu, namely:
    • Can determine the schedule when messages are sent (any time or certain hours) or when the shop is closed (adjusting your business hours that have been set up in your profile).

    • Can determine the content of the message sent

    • Can specify sent to anyone (all, everything that is not in the contact list, exclude certain numbers or only sent to certain numbers only).

  2. Greeting messages.
    Check this menu to send a welcome message to consumers who chat for the first time or who have not been active in the last 14 days.

    This menu is very powerful and must be used especially to increase the speed of response to customers so that they do not have to wait for the first reply.

    Advanced settings are available in this menu, namely:
    • Can define the content of the welcome message.

    • Can specify sent to anyone (all, everything that is not in the contact list, exclude certain numbers or only sent to certain numbers only).

  3. Quick replies.
    Menu for creating various quick reply templates so you don't have to type repeatedly for the same/similar answer.

    The quick replies function can be called by typing the “/” symbol (without quotes) on the screen.

    To use it, please first create a quick replies template, name, and content.

For information, all business functions that have been set up via the smartphone app will automatically run when used on the WhatsApp desktop or web application. So you can easily use it, whether on a smartphone or on a desktop.

Thus the information that we can provide so that you can get to know the application that we are discussing. The goal, if one is easy and perfect, why use another.

WhatsApp Business Review, Uses, and Features, finally, if any of our submissions are inaccurate or even wrong from what is actually true, we apologize. And please leave a comment, to improve our writing.

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