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WhatsApp Text Tricks for Yours

WhatsApp Text Tricks for Yours

WhatsApp Text Tricks for Yours
WhatsApp Text Tricks for Yours

WhatsApp Text Tricks for Yours. One of the chat applications that many users is Whatsapp or more often referred to by the name WA. I'm sure you're also a loyal user of WhatsApp, the proof is that you're currently reading "Tricks to make unique posts on WhatsApp. That's just my guess, maybe someone is reading this article for other purposes. Ok, now let's move on to the discussion.

If anyone asks why this application has become a very popular chat software?. One of them is because WA has a variety of interesting features that can make users feel at home and happy to chat.

There are also those who say, "I use WhatsApp because many have used it," the point is that it's easy to get direct contact.

To send short messages to relatives and family using this application, it is very easy. For how to use it, I will not explain it here.

I think even those of you who have just used it can immediately understand how. For this reason, in this article, we will discuss how to create unique posts in WhatsApp chat.

Maybe we've seen messages from other people with bold, italic, colored, and so on. They use signs and lines which are then put together with the sentences they write so that it will give a different effect to the sentence. For details, please see below.

WhatsApp Text Tricks for Yours

Here we will present several ways to make cool and unique writing on WhatsApp that you can try. But before that, prepare your smartphone and open the WhatsApp application, you can immediately practice it by sending messages to friends or relatives. Of course, this will make it easier for you to understand and see immediate results.

How to Make Bold Text on Whatsapp

Bold or bold is usually used to state an important statement with special emphasis. You can make the bold text on WhatsApp by adding an asterisk (*) in front and behind the sentence.

For example, writing the sentence 'Tips and Tricks to make unique writing on WA' in bold, then you write it on WhatsApp with the format *Leaving for School*. After sending the message, the sentence will automatically be thickened.

How to Italicize on Whatsapp

In this second point, we will try to make italic or italic in WA. This italic format is usually used in foreign or other sentences. To make italics, you can put an underscore or underscore (_) in front and behind the text.

Suppose you want to write the sentence "Writing tricks in WhatsApp messages", then you have to type _Writing tricks in WhatsApp messages_ on WhatsApp. The results can also be seen after the message you sent earlier.

Ways to write strikethrough on WhatsApp.

Usually writing with a strikethrough in the middle or often called a strikethrough. Used to indicate revisions and corrections to a statement in a piece of writing. To write a strikethrough, you just need to add a tilde (~) before and after the message you write.

Let me give you an example when you rinse, you want to write a sentence 'How to make unique writing on WA' with a middle strikethrough, then you have to type ~How to make unique writing on WA~ on your WhatsApp. The results can also be seen immediately after sending it.

How to Create Boldly and Strikethrough in Whatsapp.

In addition to what I have mentioned above, you can also combine Bold and Strikethrough on Whatsapp. Others can also, but here I will give an example of this first.

You do this by entering the ~ and * signs at the beginning of the article, then re-enter the code * and ~ as closing at the end of the article. This will make the text italic and bold. Easy yes.

How to Make Strikethrough Writing, Bold, Italic on Whatsapp

Now we will try to combine Strikethrough, Thick, Italic, even if some don't need it, I will still give an example.

The method is quite easy, you just enter *_~ at the beginning of your writing and re-enter the ~_* sign at the end of your writing. That way, the posts on WhatsApp will change automatically as we expect.

How to Make Reverse Text on Whatsapp

Another unique article that you can try on the WhatsApp application is upside down or writing upside down. Let's just say you want to joke with your friends by trying this one trick.

To make reverse writing on WhatsApp, you need the help of an additional application called Upside Down (Flip Text) which you can download via the play store or the store on your smartphone device.

How to use it, it's relatively easy, just open it upside Down (Flip Text) application that is already installed, then type normal text at the top of the column. That way, the text will automatically reverse at the bottom. The last step, copy the text and paste it on your WhatsApp brother.

It's easy, but if you really don't have anything to do, what's the harm in trying to make jokes with friends?

Actually, there is much more that we can do in chat on the WhatsApp application. But mostly use third-party apps when like the last point I gave.

For example, if you want to color a text chat on WhatsApp before sending it, or create an empty chat, there are also those who make strange but beautiful writings.

Until here, my writing is about making unique text when chatting on the WhatsApp application. For those who have other understandings, you can add them in the comments column. Thank you.

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