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Zoom Meeting Tips and Tricks

Zoom Meeting Tips and Tricks
Zoom Meeting Tips and Tricks

Zoom video calling is an important part of many people's work habits. The Zoom video service is especially useful for talking to remote coworkers, setting up meetings, and working collaboratively.

It's also very popular with friends who want to meet online and find out what's new. It's important to know how to Zoom and how to use Zoom meeting rooms effectively.

Zoom Meeting Tips and Tricks

We've researched some of the best tips on how to have a successful video conferencing session, whether you're doing it for business or pleasure.

1. Add Virtual Background

Is your office or home a mess and don't have time to tidy it up before joining a zoom meeting? The Virtual Background feature can save you the hassle.

Provided your PC is powerful enough or you have a green screen behind you, it can add anything you want to your video call background, from space-age landscapes to fun beach locations. 

It's easy, and if you don't know how, please read our guide on how to add a virtual background in zoom.

2. Learn Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom offers several different keyboard shortcuts that you can easily customize to make things faster and more convenient. See the options under Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts. 

This is useful for setting the switch to mute or unmute your microphone. You can also use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly join a meeting or even schedule a meeting via the shortcut. The Zoom website has a full list of default hotkeys.

3. Switch to Audio Calls Only

If you don't want to be seen on video but still join the zoom meeting, or you might want to reduce bandwidth and only make short audio calls.

To always turn off the video as the default when you first join a meeting, go to Settings > Video > Turn off video when joining a meeting.

You can choose to reactivate the video once you are in a meeting. It's perfect when you need to dive into a quick call.

4. Practice Good Voice Etiquette

Good meeting etiquette is important. Not everyone in your meeting wants to hear every little detail of your home life.

Especially if the kids, or your loved ones tend to walk in during meetings, turn off the microphone when you're not talking.

In large meetings, this is very helpful so that participants are not overwhelmed by background noise. 

If possible, use headphones instead of your computer's speakers. Audio quality will be better for you and others in the meeting.

5. Improve Your Appearance

Like other camera-based apps, Zoom can beautify your look a bit, making your images look a little softer and generally a little better.

To make your view better in zoom meetings, follow the steps below.

Go to Settings > Video > Touch my appearance for a quick boost.

Your face will look softer and make a subtle but important difference.

It's not a miracle worker, so make sure you still look natural.

6. Record Your Calls

If you want to review your meeting or share a call with those who missed it, you can record a Zoom web conference chat very easily. 

If you have a basic free subscription to Zoom, you can choose to save video files locally or, alternatively, if you are a paid member, you can save them to Zoom's cloud storage.

All the options are in Settings > Recording, and it doesn't take too long to set up.

7. Create a Recurring Meeting

Are there regular weekly meetings with work? Or monthly meetings with friends? You can easily set the meeting to recur by clicking Schedule, then selecting the box next to Recurring meeting.

This is perfect when you want to organize meetings on a regular basis but you don't want the hassle of organizing them all the time.

8. Set Reminder

Worried about forgetting and missing many of your meetings? Go to Settings > General and you can click on a reminder there so you'll always receive a notification before your meeting is about to start. 

Set it to 10-15 minutes to give you plenty of time to prepare.

9. Share Your Screen When Needed

Whether you're getting advice from a coworker or want to share something cool with a friend, it's helpful to know how to share your screen.

Click the Share Screen button in the Zoom app. If you're viewing a screen that someone else has shared, you can easily annotate it by clicking View and Annotate Options.

10. Use a Pro Account

You can still enjoy many of Zoom's great services with a free account.  However, there are more things you can do with a Pro account such as hosting

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