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Download Viber For PC Windows


Download Viber For PC Windows
Download Viber For PC Windows

Download Viber For PC Windows - Viber is one of those apps that can be used to send messages and calls for free to other users, on any device and network and in any country.

Viber can sync contacts, messages and call history with the mobile device used. Viber can be used on mobile phones and can also be used on PCs, please download Viber on PC used from downloadmessaging now, and please enter the mobile number, and start joining your friends.

By using Viber as one of the calling and messaging apps that can connect you with the people who are out there.

With an internet connection, we can connect with more than 1 billion Viber users around the world, communicating with loved ones through Viber whose audio and video calls are of high quality.

Viber provides data protection because it is protected by end-to-end encryption, so conversations will be secure. 

Communicating with friends, coworkers and even family can be done with Viber for PC to be easier.

Viber features can be used on your PC as well as your smart phone, so you can reply to messages sent via group chat and any chat.

Viber  Features

  1. With Viber we can make calls with video and audio.
  2. The Send messages feature makes it easy for Viber users to upload text, photos, videos and other files. You can also send voice recordings and short video messages.
  3. Chat and Group features, can be used for family meetings, group hangouts and can also do yoga classes, all can happen on group obrols, videos and voice calls.
  4. Join a community, with this feature we can be part of a public group with people who share similar interests.
  5. Sticker sharing and Gip feature, with this feature we can communicate with fun, and expressive with stickers and Gifs without end.
  6. The features of stickers and Gifs, with this feature we can express ourselves perfectly.
  7. Delete and stream messages with this feature we can pull back what we don't want to send from all the members in the group.
  8. The message setal feature that disappears with this feature we can add an automatic message destroying timer.

Thus the brief information about viber and its features, for those who are interested in downloading viber please click the link below: 

Download Viber For PC Windows

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