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Download Zoom Version 5.7.7 (1105) For Windows

Download Zoom Version 5.7.7 (1105) For Windows
Download Zoom Version 5.7.7 (1105) For Windows

Download Zoom Version 5.7.7 (1105) For Windows. Unlike the Zoom version 5.7.6 update for Windows, in which there are new features and some changes to existing features.

Version 5.7.6 for Windows which was updated on August 30, 2021, the developer of the Zoom Meeting application only fixed some small bugs. It also fixes something that belongs to the video freeze, which is done in a meeting.

He said this fix is ​​for AMD processor users, seeing from his statement not all users of this processor have this problem. So what if you are an AMD user and experience this, it's better to immediately update the zoom app that you are using to the latest version.

Zoom For Windows

Besides being able to be used on Windows desktop devices, the Zoom application can also be used on iOS, macOS, iPhone, Android, Linux, etc. Zoom is also easy to use on computers, PCs, phones, and tablets. Zoom provides a free video-conferencing service with a duration of 40 minutes and a large number of 100 people.

If you need a larger amount than we mentioned above. Then Zoom clients can use the membership Zoom service, and it's not free. You have to spend $15 to $20 every month.

If you are a financial manager, Zoom also provides video conferencing service packages for a fee or you have to spend from $50 to $100 per month.

Just a notification, this zoom application has several products, indeed we sometimes don't need them. But it doesn't hurt to know what products are provided by the developer. Here's a list of products:

If you need more information about these products. Please just click on one of the products, then you will be directed to the official website.

Download Zoom Version 5.7.7 (1105) For Windows. After reading and knowing the data about the current version of the Zoom update and you need the installation file. Please click the download link below.

Download Zoom Version 5.7.7 (1105) For Windows

For those of you who need other social media applications, you can directly click Download Messaging App. Then select the software that is needed and according to your needs.

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