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Signal Messaging App Download Version 5.16.0 for Windows

Signal Messaging App Download Version 5.16.0 for Windows
Signal Messaging App Download Version 5.16.0 for Windows

Signal Messaging App Download Version 5.16.0 for Windows - Signal is one of the applications that offer messaging services. This message exchange service is often referred to as chatting.

Signal claims to be safe to use. We can send chat, voice messages, to make voice and video calls without fear of being watched by anyone.

The signal can be used on a variety of operating systems whether Windows, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Signal Features

  1. Support Personal and Group Conversations.
    Of course, this is a function of modern chat apps. Unfortunately Signal does not specify a limit on the number of group conversation members.

  2. End-to-end encryption.
    The signal is a product of Open Whisper Systems. The protocols in Signal are then also used in WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and Google Allo. This method of encryption has gone through an audit process (often debated with the MTproto used by Telegram which is often called untested).

  3. Disappearing Message.
    Signal has a feature that makes messages automatically deleted. Duration options range from 5 seconds to 1 week. If you choose to send a message like this, an hourglass icon will appear in each message.

  4. Lock apps.
    You can lock the Signal app. So the message can not be seen by those who prank open this application on your mobile phone. You can open it like an Android screen lock (e.g. with a fingerprint).

  5. Supports Voice and Video Calls.
    Being able to make voice and video calls have also become the standard of communication. The signal can do both of these things. You can even do this through the encryption process.

  6. Supports Various Files.
    Just like a chat app, you can send images/photos, videos, audio, or document files. You can also choose a connection to download the file (Wi-Fi vs mobile data).

  7. Supports Emoji and GIFs.
    Emojis and GIFs are already one way of expression in conversation. Signal has also supported it. But there are no stickers here yet. There are, but stickers added to photos, not the kind like WhatsApp stickers, Telegram stickers, or LINE.

  8. Supports Multiple Platforms.
    Just like other chat apps, you can also use Signal on Android, iOS, or on your computer through a browser (web app). There's a Signal extension in the Google Chrome browser to make it easier to access on your computer.

  9. Could be an SMS/MMS application.
    On Android, you can also use the Signal app as the main Messaging app for SMS and MMS. SMS and MMS do not go through the encryption process.

  10. Supports App Themes.
    In the Signal app, you can choose light and dark themes. If it's bright, the app will be blue and white, while if it's dark it will be black.
Signal Messaging App Download Version 5.16.0 for Windows, This is an app with high privacy, although many instant messaging apps offer a variety of interesting features. This application is famous for its privacy features, so we can provide a review if you are interested in using it. Please download by clicking the link that we have prepared below.

Signal Messaging App Download Version 5.16.0 for Windows

Signal 5.16.0 for Windows

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