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Zoom 5.2.0 Download for PC

Zoom 5.2.0 Download for PC
 Zoom 5.2.0 Download for PC

Zoom 5.2.0 Download for PC - The Zoom application is a service in the form of software that can be used for online learning and meetings or conferences.

Zoom can be used on PCs, laptops, notebooks, tablets and others, Zoom is also easy to use on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Zoom provides free video conferencing services for 40 minutes with 10 participants. Zoom also offers a paid plan to get the features available on Zoom, for $15 and $20 for a month.

Zoom features

1. Beautify yourself or hide your face

Appearing in front of the camera with just waking up does seem like something is lacking, especially for women. However, you don't need to worry, Young People, because the NY Times has discussed this advanced feature that can give a touch to skin tone, smooth wrinkles, blemishes. , as well as other minor imperfections.

Just click the up arrow, next to the start video icon, then click "Video Settings". Next, you can check the "Touch My Appearance" box.

2. Change background

Video backgrounds are often your main concern in joining a virtual conference. Don't worry, you can change the background easily, really! The trick is to go to "Settings>Virtual Background", then you just need to select an available background image, or by using an image that you have on your device. You use a powerful processor to enjoy this feature without a hitch, yes.

3. Change profile photo

Showing a face while attending a teleconference usually depends on the discretion of the meeting maker itself. If it's allowed not to show your face, you can also display your profile photo, you know. Click the "Participants" button at the bottom of the screen, then hover over your name. Next, click "More" and click add profile picture. Don't forget to select the desired image and click "Open", yes!

4. Use a pen that can disappear

This feature is considered very important, especially for those of you who have difficulty explaining things verbally. The vanishing pen feature or "Vanishing Pen" allows you to draw on the screen, so that the audience's attention is focused on the text or object. As the name suggests, this feature will make the image disappear quickly, so you don't have to delete the image. 

What you do is share your screen with your audience, then click Annotate. On the menu that appears, click the feature that says "Vanishing Pen".

5. Change the name when Zoom

This simple feature is actually very necessary considering that event creators have different conditions for their invited "guests". This method is also divided into two, namely temporary and permanent. To change the name temporarily, you can change it while attending the event. Click the "Participants" button at the bottom of the screen, hover over your name, click "More", then click "Rename", and type "OK" to complete the process. It's different from changing the name permanently. You just click "Profile" in the upper right corner, opposite your name, then click "Edit. After that, enter the name you want and click "Save Changes". Easy, right?

After knowing information about Zoom and Zoom features, we can Download Zoom 5.2.0 for PC, at the link below:

 Zoom 5.2.0 Download for PC

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