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Zoom Meeting Version 5.3.0

Zoom Meeting Version 5.3.0
Zoom Meeting Version 5.3.0

Zoom 5.3.0

Zoom has released the latest version, namely Zoom Meeting Version 5.3.0 on September 21, 2020, from the previous version, namely Zoom Version 5.2.3. (45120.0906) For Windows on September 8, 2020.

Zoom is an application used for meetings, webinars or video conferencing. Zoom is easy to use and can be used on various operating systems such as Windows, iOS, MacOs, Linux and Android.

Zoom is also easy to use on various devices such as PCs, laptops, cellphones, and tablets. Zoom provides free video conferencing services with a duration of 40 minutes with up to 100 participants.

If you want to get more than that, you can use the paid Zoom. Zoom offers paid plans from $15 to $20 for 1 month.

In 2020, the use of Zoom increased due to work from home in several parts of the world due to the spread of the corona virus, therefore people work from home and use Zoom as a medium for face-to-face distance.

Zoom Features

  1. Zoom features HD video and audio
  2. Zoom has a raise hand feature that makes it easy for Zoom users to ask questions during meetings.
  3. Zoom has a record feature that can record all meeting activities.
  4. Zoom supported Cloud system.
  5. Zoom also has a streaming feature that can be linked to Youtube.
  6. Zoom has an automatic scheduling feature for meetings or for video conferencing.
  7. Zoom has a feature to change the background according to the wishes of Zoom users, either with images or videos.
  8. Zoom has a Zoom Room feature that can be used to make meetings with small rooms during video conferences, but this feature is only for paid Zoom.

That's the explanation about Zoom and Zoom features, if you are interested in downloading Zoom Meeting Version 5.3.0, please click the link below:

Zoom Meeting Version 5.3.0

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