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Zoom Rooms 5.7.5 (300) Free Download for Windows

Zoom Rooms 5.7.5 (300) Free Download for Windows
Zoom Rooms 5.7.5 (300) Free Download for Windows

Zoom Rooms 5.7.5 (300) Free Download for Windows, previously, you should not make the mistake of differentiating between Zoom Meeting & Zoom Room. If at Zoom Meeting you only need a laptop with a camera & microphone, Zoom Room requires even more complete tools.

Zoom Room A intended for conducting meetings that require both face-to-face and video calls so you need certain tools to use Zoom Room. Simply put, Zoom Room can change the meeting of two different rooms as if they are in the same room.

Meanwhile, Zoom Room is a meeting room solution for video conferences. Zoom Room has an additional fee of 49 USD / Mo / Room. The advantage is that users will find it easier to find out whether this meeting room has been booked or not? Zoom Room can be integrated into the Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange calendar and can be integrated into the company's Active Directory.

Zoom Rooms Features:

  • Meet now
  • Meeting list
  • Join
  • Presentation
  • Phone
  • Meeting controls
  • Device settings
  • Web settings

Note: Not all of the features we mentioned earlier are available. It all depends on what operating system your device is running on. Like the scheduling feature, only available for android and iPad. As for your user's zoom-in windows, this feature is not available at this time.

New features from Zoom Rooms 5.2.0, and improved ones.

E2E or we can read with "End-to-end encryption" now has an improvement, namely, in a meeting, we can do a technician preview. This E2E feature can be activated by the admin or more familiar with the account owner.

For another problem in the current update, there is a bug fix, even though it is a minor bug, the Zoom developer still fixes it. The goal is for the convenience of its users.

The last of the Zoom Rooms 5.2.0 version updates is, there is an increase in security. This may be the same or more or less like the first point we described above.

Zoom Rooms 5.7.5 (300) Free Download for Windows

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