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Download Skype Multilingual

Download Skype Multilingual

Download Skype Multilingual - Skype is a tool that allows you to talk to other users using voice and video text chat. This equipment uses individual-to-individual technology that aims to provide a reliable calling system, with this technology you will be able to talk to your friends with the same quality as used on landline phones.

By using VoIP technology, users can communicate with each other from users to cell phones and to landlines, everything can be done quickly and easily without the need for any configuration. The makers made sure that this app is able to provide better sound quality than that used in regular phone calls.

This tool is completely free and does not come with any additional advertisements, you will hear a dial tone by which you can find out whether the contact you are calling is talking on Skype or not and you can hang up or answer the call you want. In addition, this application also supports Facebook integration and also video calls in groups of up to ten people, this application does not mention Windows Live Messenger is included after being purchased by Microsoft.

Because this application is a multi-platform application, you can make calls between devices, whether it is a desktop device or a smartphone. Skype is a telephone service with VoIP technology that is leading in the world.

Download Skype Multilingual
Download Skype Multilingual 

Skype Multilingual Features: 


  1. Skype to Skype calls: Call anybody anyplace on the planet who has Skype for nothing. 
  2. Cell and landline calls: Lower costs Cellular and landline calls from any place on the planet. 
  3. Gathering calls: Bring a gathering of individuals together in one call - amount to 25 individuals to one call.
  4. Devoted Skype Number: No matter where you are, your companions can call your number on Skype. 
  5. Show contact number: No mysterious contact number… Let individuals realize you've called. 
  6. Skype accessible: Call any worldwide and telephone number at lower calling rates. 
  7. Skype and snap to-call: Switch between perusing the web and calling with only a single tick. 


  • Draw nearer to one another by making vis-à-vis video calls. 
  • Gathering video call: Gather a gathering of companions all together with a video call. 


  • Video Messenger: Send messages you can see, hear and feel. 
  • Texts: Write private messages with your finger, plan get-away outings, work on your activities, and… do this load of things as fast as could be expected. 
  • Send (SMS): Send SMS to your companions utilizing your PC console. 
  • Voice calls: Are you excessively bustling such that you can't talk? Allow Skype to do it. 
  • Gathering use: Share your messages, photographs, and presence on versatile. 


  • Send documents: Send your records, photographs, and recordings in any volume through Skype. Simply add or drag records and drop them into Skype. 
  • Screen Sharing: Share your PC screen with the individual you are conversing with. 
  • Gathering screen sharing: Gather everybody in your gathering on one screen. 
  • Send contact data: Easily share contact data, Skype numbers, and names. 

More elements

  • Skype and Facebook: Send texts and settle on video decisions to your Facebook companions. Likewise, peruse your new Facebook news straightforwardly through Skype. 
  • WiFi and Skype: Connect to the Internet through multiple million areas around the world. 
  • Skype Manager: Tools for making accounts, appointing credit, and overseeing highlights. 
  • Associate with Skype: Connect to Skype (PBX) utilizing a Skype Internet association. 
  • Skype and Outlook.Com: Switch among visits and video calls through your Outlook‌ account inbox with only a single tick. 
  • Skype button: Add it to your blog or site and let others message or call you immediately with only one general. 

Skype program tips: 

  • The product is free and has no time or design limitations. 
  • One rendition of Skype with the online establishment and two variants of EXE and MSI with the disconnected establishment (the MSI adaptation is likewise accessible in two releases); The MSI form, otherwise called the Business Version, has no extra settings and devices and is quicker to introduce. 
  • Skype additionally has renditions under Windows 8.1 introduced through the Store, and since it isn't workable for Iranians to get to the store, you can utilize a similar variant to introduce in Windows 8.1.

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