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WeChat 8.0.15 For Android Download

WeChat 8.0.15 For Android Download

WeChat 8.0.15 For Android Download - WeChat is an application that is used to help people connect with other users on both iOS and Android operating systems.

With WeChat, we can send messages, videos, pictures, voice messages, share locations, and also video calls with good quality in groups or individuals.

When you want to use the WeChat, WhatsApp, or line application, we need to connect it with our cellphone number, don't worry this process will not take long. After this registration process is complete, then we can see a list of our contacts who use the WeChat application.

All of our messages and conversations will be saved on our phones, and only we can access them. An interesting feature that can be tried is the feature that allows us to talk to other WeChat users at random. By selecting this mode, just shake our phone, and in a few seconds, we can connect with other people.

The WeChat application is an alternative communication tool, we can use it in conversations easily and quickly, this is the hallmark of the WeChat application. There is a weakness of this WeChat application, which is that it has fewer users than other application users.

In China WeChat is the main application for communication, Even when doing business people prefer to use WeChat.

WeChat 8.0.15 Feature:

There is also another feature, namely Moments which WeChat users can use to upload images or videos and their friends can comment and like the upload.

WeChat is not only used for communication, but also as a tool to pay at large supermarkets to street vendors and online taxi payments.

Payments can be made as long as the WeChat user has a Chinese bank account and connects to WeChat.

There are two ways to pay for something through the app. First, stores can scan users' unique WeChat barcodes. Second, WeChat users can scan the barcode of the merchant from which they purchased goods or services.

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WeChat 8.0.15 For Android

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