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Blender 2.93 Download Windows X64


Blender 2.93

Blender 2.93 Download Windows X64 -We have a couple of cool things first off Blender 2.93 the alpha is officially here so if you go over to the experimental branch you'd actually see that folk at blender released three different versions of blender on the very same day and this is uh this is like one of the first times that this is happening as.

we're getting Blender 2.92 the beta version available we're also seeing that Blender 2.93 the alpha is kicking off and this is beautiful on the other hand when you take a look right here you'd also notice that we have Blender 2.91.

Now this is also the alpha for the lts release and just in the case you have no idea the lts is actually something that the folks at blender foundation are working on but before we actually look at that I want you guys to also see that blender is getting bigger and better in the size section so right now you also notice that the 2.91 has about 196.

You can see that the size actually increases as it proceeds so it simply means that there are some extra features that have been added to these versions so simply keep an eye open for those going over to the lots you would see that everything is working according to plan.

So the it's actually stated here that in 2020 we're going to get Blender 2.9 and also Blender 2.91 and in 2022 within the first quarter, we are seeing that we have a Blender 2.92 now we will also be getting 2.93 in the second quarter 3.0 in the third and also 3.1.

You know the whole lts release is going to span all the way from here down to 2023. so with this set let's take a look at some things that have now been added to the blender 2.91.1 alpha so if we go over to this page which I'm going to link in the description.

You would see that the potential candidates for corrective release are nowhere so for blender 2.91.1 so just in case you're asking what the updates are the updates a couple of updates are here and these are a lot and for those.

Who have things like wireframe issues maybe they're not displaying due to the fact that you're using an and graphic card or you have some related issues in times of collision and crashing just in case you're playing with your simulation or maybe you're having some issues with redoing and crashings and stuff like that probably?

This is definitely going to fix it for you and if you have bug issues you can simply update these and the folks at a blender the foundation will take a look at it so some cool stuff is right here and also, you can join the conversation and see some of the things that are going on so if we go over to the blender 2.92 release page.

You would notice that you know we have a lot of things going on here we've talked about these things we've covered a video about it but then when you take a look at it you would also notice that within you know the interface there is no mention about the asset browser.

There is also no mention about the ad object so technically this might not become although if you also do check the modeling section you definitely would see the app object that is not a feature that's available with blender 2.92 at this point and speaking about blender 2.93.

If you go over to the page right here which has to do with the release note you'll notice that some things have actually, you know started kicking up so there are some features that are now within the modeling some updates are within the grease pencil and also.

Render and cycles and taking a look at these within the modeling right now we're getting on updates for transform and within the user interface you would notice that we're beginning to get some stuff in terms of operators modifiers and effects and also the user interface for that of cycles.

There's literally nothing there I guess maybe there's going to be an update but right now there's nothing here but nonetheless, there's still a lot of time for the folks at blender foundation to put some things together as this version is supposed to be released sometime in May.

I guess the 26th of May is when this is supposed to be up and you know from now till I am a lot of time as they have to improve stabilize and also do some bug fixes and do a fast pre-release and then a final release of these two and furthermore, there are some very cool features.

Which we are crossing our fingers to see that will come over to blender 2.93 but with that said let's take a look at some of the updates that are now available in blender 2.92 and also take a look at some UI changes that.

We sort of notice within the time we downloaded all three versions of the blender that is currently available within the blender experimental page blender 2.91.1 actually has no update, okay there is literally no update except for the bug fixes so we're going to dive over to the blender 2.92 and see some stuff so the first thing.

What you would notice is we have a very clean splash screen and then there's uh something about the UI that is uh missing so if you take a look at the previous video which we talked about you'll notice that the add object icon is no longer there and also if you're working and also if you're working with asset browser the asset browser is now gone all right but nonetheless.

We are also going to take a look at some of the updates and cool stuff that is available here in blender 2.92 especially for the UI there's some stuff with the UI that you guys need to know about and if we go over to blender 2.93 the alpha.

You would also notice that you know there's technically nothing new let's increase the font size so that you guys can see that and we're just going to set this to 0.25 okay 0.25 looks good and for those who are looking for the asset browser if you download the build which is available today you will not be able to see that so subsequently.

I believe this is going to be updated with some of the experimental features and cool features that I would like to work with so the asset browser is not available and also the ad object seems not to be here so probably this might be coming in subsequent.

You know releases or might come with blender 2.93 hopefully let's see what the future holds so with this said let's dive back into blender 2.92 right now and take a look at some of the features that happened within the weekend there is some stuff which you are not going to see but then there is some stuff that is available.

So one of the features which you would notice is if you look right here there is a popover button now this button is for you to be able to sync whatever you're doing with your viewport or within your property section alongside with the outliner now how this works is very simple so to explain this I'm just going to go ahead and do a couple of clicking.

So if I click right here so the folks at blender foundation have already defined this earlier that if you click right here you go over to the transform values click right here transform so you can see the transform values of whatever object you're selecting within the outliner by just simply clicking either the text or the icon by the left-hand side.

Now if you click on the icon on the right-hand side it takes you over to the properties all right not the transform properties but the properties of the object so if I click right here it takes me over to the camera properties like properties and also it takes me over to you know the cube properties you know you get the idea so this way it gets to work like.

So but then if we click on this button you notice that we have auto turned on if I would like to get this off and maybe just maybe I want to see or I just want to stay within one particular tab now I already know that you guys would be like okay there's a pinning tab for that why do you need this but how this one works is like so that once.

You click on this object and you go over and turn this off now what happens is no matter what you click here all these other stuff changes but no matter what you click right here so it doesn't matter what you click this still remains there.

So you can now move over to another one and you can do all of this stuff, okay and the still remains there and you can move over to another one and you can do all of this stuff contrary to the opinion that you can just only pin one particular tab you're not painting one tab but you're sort of telling blender to say you know whatever tab that is turned on right now.

Don't switch it for anything in the world as far as you're selecting that with the outliner so this is it's a very good one and me kind of like it now something else which I also like is something that they've also implemented.

So I'm just going to bring a couple of things to let's tap g to move this one out there and do another one and bring the uv sphere to let's scale that and move this right here so the folks at blender foundation have also added the feature which you might like okay.

So if I select this and go over to where we have the modifier click down here and go right over here and add wireframe you guys know this okay you know this so if you've been around the channel you know this so they've added this feature before that.

You can click-drag and drop all right and this is new it is not new okay so don't feel like it's new it's not so if we close this what they've actually added that makes sense actually let me you know go ahead and bring out something else we just agreed and scale this grid all the way up so what I've added that makes a lot of sense now is you know we have this modifier here.

If I click on this button or click on this object sorry click on this object click on this object and finally click on this one and I would like to transfer all the modifiers that I have here over to this and that instead of clicking dragging making copies duplicating uh all you need to do is click right here and say copy to selected and that way.

You have it done very easy all right very very easy now this applies to any kind of modifier they're working with so as far as you have this object selected one two and three and you have the last one which has the modifier you want to transfer you can just simply select all of that click on the button and then copy to select it.

So you can imagine how much time this is going to save you especially if you have tons of stuff you want to subdivide you can now simply select all of them go over to the object that has the subdivision modifier select that object as the last one.

So you could just do like one-two select that object as last one and then add that subdivision modifier that level modifier and all those other cool modifiers across now something which also makes a lot of sense which you know in terms of speaking about modifiers is nowhere is actually not a modifier but I will explain this to you guys.

Now if you've been working with the geometry nodes previously you would notice that there is a very tiny small unspoken problem that the geometry node used to have so what is this or what is that problem if you go over to the geometry node right now previously how this one works is you know you select these you go over here.

You click on this button you add a geometry node all right if you don't do that select this and hit new this regularly creates two nodes alright but right now that has been fixed something else which is also fixed is if you click on this part right here go over to points you can now notice that there is a point rotate which now accompanies the point.

Scale the points separate and also the points translate so these are some very nice and clean cool features that are nowhere meanwhile Pablo has worked on something that we sort of skipped so I'm just going to go ahead and share that with you guys right now so let's subdivide this by four and right-click convert this to smooth shade zoom all the way in click right here click right here and apply and we might just want to add a very simple multiresolution.

So I'm just going to add that there and subdivide this by two as well now with this done we can now jump over and take a look at some sculpting features so by simply going over to the scope right now uh you would notice that nothing really looks different but if we stretch this all the way out so let's stretch this like.

So you would notice that we have a very nice looking button now this is the most multi-resolution displacement smear and for those who haven't seen this was something that you know the public has been working on before and it didn't actually make it to the early release of blender 2.92 alpha previously it was there as an experimental tool but it's very interesting to see that we have this as a major tool that has an icon right.

Now simply means it's here to stay so for those who like to stop making some sculpt and maybe you would like to use the multi-resolution smear to smash some stuff you can actually knock yourself out and start doing that let's drop this to one i think maybe two is a little bit too much so there is also a very cool feature that is right here.

So we talked about this one when we were talking about the fact that blender 2.92 was released and they had a couple of features and that had to do with the edit phase set of course this is pretty new because right now it does have the delete geometry firing position and also fairing tangency.

So if you will go ahead and probably create some face sets so let's go ahead and do that switch over to the pen and make some faces like so make some face sets like so and for those who don't know face sets are more like playgroup that you have in Zbrush so you can also make some faces like this.

You can now use this to actually you know walk on a specific part of your model so this actually comes in very handy in most cases so let's go ahead and do that and at this point if you would like to delete some parts and it's going to delete based off you know this right now if I switch and choose to delete this it's not going to delete because you know we already have a modifier that's working right here and it has to do with the multiresolution.

So for that to work we might need to you know close this so let's take a look close that off and now if we click on this button that should work but regardless of that doesn't work and of course anyone who would like to work with this and maybe get the most out of it you need to delete the modifiers that you have before you can get this one to work and while we're looking at multi-resolution let's subdivide this by one and jump right here.

So we have this and for those who like to you know sculpt you want to do some stuff the face set is now something that's heavily integrated into blender so at any point in time you're working on stop you can select your face at boundary select your face set as this would simply mask that part while you're working and save you some time.

So if you press f on the keyboard you can increase and reduce your brush size and you can start doing stuff and you notice it meets that boundary and sort of stops okay so it gets to that boundary and it respects it and sort of stops and if we zoom right in here you can now start noticing that we have that going for us and it works for lots of stuff.

So all of these brushes here now have the ability to work with the facet and if you want to play with the displacement since we're using this all right so since we're using the multi-res if you like to smear some stuff you can now easily use this brush to smear this.

Now if you're not using the multi-resolution I sort of found out that this may not work alright so in several cases this might not work so but for a situation like this since we're using you know the multi-resolution this is definitely going to work.

So you can smear some parts and you know walk with this part and get some cool stuff happening for you right here now within the fluid suction they've added a brand new viscosity solver to simulate thick liquid so just in case you like to make things like chocolate or maybe you want to make some sort of thick liquids these would definitely be very useful and you can do.

So much stuff with it even now has a couple of things and also the sequencer has a brand new store raw image in cash feature that now exists with that so this is more like it and before we go I would like to use this opportunity to also tell you guys about this addon which is for free and we did talk about this one and I would like to see this add-on you know to get better and at the same time.

I would also like to see you guys download it play with it and see how you can get better at working with it it's for free so you can go over to the link in the description grab this and start working with it it's called the viewport scrub timeline and for those who like to see a video about this before you know suggesting to their friends or even downloading.

You might want to take a look at the link in the description and follow the video and see how this works the flux of blender foundation actually keep into their words as I've started off with you know releasing a couple of these features and for sure one of the main things.

I would like to see across all of the tools that will be coming out is stability I like to see tons of stability come out with the tools that they're releasing this year and that's definitely going to be about it I'd like to know what you guys think about this in the comment section link to.

Blender 2.93 Download Windows X64


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