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Download Blender 2.93.2 Window X64

Download Blender 2.93.2 Window X64
Download Blender 2.93.2 Window X64

Download Blender 2.93.2 Window X64 - A collection of images that are displayed at a certain time so that they can create an illusion that moves is called animation.

The role of animation in the age of technology like this is very large, at first animation was only used as an entertainment medium.

However, currently, animation is used for various kinds, such as advertisements, websites, videos, and so on.

Discussing animation certainly cannot be separated from discussing how the animation was made. Not many know that the process of creating animation is difficult, there are many things that need to be known besides the basics of creating animations.

In making animation, of course, an application is needed, Blender 2.93.2 is an application that is widely used to create animations.

If you search on Google, of course, there will be lots of applications to create animations. However, Blender 2.93.2 is the best application for creating animations.

In support of complete information about Blender 2.93.2, the following will discuss the functions, features, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of Blender itself.

Blender is a 3D application that can be used to create animations, 3D printed models, visual effects, interactive 3D applications, and video games.

Blender is known by some as a free, open-source 3D creation application. Blender can be used by individuals or small studios who can benefit from a unified and responsive pipeline of development.

Blender can also be used on several operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. In fact, there are many 3D animation software that can be used, but Blender is still the best 3D animation software.

This is undeniable, considering that Blender provides a variety of interesting features for its users.

Blender History

Blender's long history of development dates back to the 1988's when Ton Roosendaal founded an animation company called NeoGeo. At that time, NeoGeo was growing so rapidly that it became the largest animation company in the Netherlands. But in 1995, an animation tool called Blender appeared.

Then in 1998, Ton Roosendaal founded a company called Not a Number (NaN) with the aim of further developing and marketing Blender. NaN's goal at that time was to create a solid 3D animation software, cross-platform that is free and can be used by the general computer user community.

After going through a difficult journey and not wanting Blender to be lost in time just like that. Finally, Ton Roosendaal founded a non-profit organization called the Blender Foundation. The main goal of this organization is to continue to promote and develop Blender as an open-source project.

Blender Key Features

As the most popular 3D animation software in the world, Blender provides a variety of services and unique features that can make it easier and faster for users to create 3D animations. For example, such as Modifier, Animation, Motion Tracking, and others that users can see below.

1. Modifiers

A modifier is an automatic operation that affects objects in a non-destructive manner. With this feature, the user can perform many effects automatically to be updated manually and without affecting the basic geometry of the user object.

2. Seamless Sculpting

With Digital Sculpting, users are given the power and flexibility they need at different stages of the digital production line. For example, the user is in a state of character design, and exploration or environmental design.

3. Animation

Animation in Blender is a feature that makes an object move or changes shape over time. With this feature, the user can change the position, orientation, or size of the object according to a predetermined time. In addition, it can also make objects move based on the movement of other objects.

4. Motion Tracking

Blender features production-ready cameras and object tracking, allowing users to import raw footage, track it, cover areas, and reconstruct live camera movements in 3D scenes.

5. Scripting

It's not uncommon for users to notice that Blender comes with a variety of extensions that can be easily turned on or off. Of course, with this extension, users will be given the convenience of working on the project that will be created. Some of these extensions include generator (trees, terrain, clouds), fracture objects, 3D Printing Toolbox, strengthen the meta-rigging system, import and export format support (AfterEffects, DirectX, Unreal Game Engine), and many more.

6. Interface

And what's most interesting is the users in fully customizing their layout. For example by dividing the viewport, or adapting to python scripts. Meanwhile, Blender also offers consistency across all platforms, no annoying pop-up windows, as well as support for the hi-dpi display.

  • Developer: Blender Foundation
  • Initial Release: 1995
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Type: 3D Computer Graphics
  • Website:

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