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Download Blender for Linux

 Download Blender for Linux

Download Blender for Linux

Download Blender for Linux - 
Animation, when you hear that one word or the like that comes to your mind. Is it a movie or maybe a game?. And there are many other graphics of the same type in 3D or 2D. For those of you who want to create a similar animation. Here we recommend you to use the Blender App Editor.

You can install this software on a device running the Linux operating system. Besides that, you can also run it on the desktop with other operating systems.

Technology or software for making an animation itself has been around for a long time and continues to develop until now. Where in the past a creator was only able to draw 2D in a sketchbook. But now creators can make these images come true in 3D and of course, they look more real.

If you see or talk about this 2D and 3D animation. Of course, there are some significant differences between the two (3D and 2D). Where if a 2D animation the image can only be seen from one direction only. In contrast to 2D, animated 3D image results can be seen in various directions. You could say 3D animation looks more alive, compared to 2D.

Features of Blender

Now many filmmakers or a game prefer 3D animation because it is more real or alive. To make 3D animation with good quality you can use the Blender App. This software will help you to create 3D animation in an easy way and in no time. The features of Blender are:

  1. Encryption program code
    • Blender is equipped with open-source facilities. This means that you can see the range of programming code that makes up this software. You can even customize it in Blender to your liking.
  2. Video editor
    • As a 3D animation maker software, of course, Blender is also equipped with video editing features. When the animation is finished, you don't need to use other software to edit it.
  3. A wide selection of pipeline tools
    • If you use a blender to create a 3D animation then you will get a lot of pipeline tools. Where you can adjust these tools to your needs.
  4. Simulation tool
    • As previously explained, with Blender you can create animated games and movies. Where this software is equipped with a simulation tool so you can check your work first.
  5. 2D and 3D animation creation
    • You can not only use Blender to create 3D animations but you can also use this one software to create 2D animations. Even pictures in animation you can make with results like pencil drawings.

Usually, when an idea arises to make an animation, it doesn't mean that the idea can be realized or directly created. With Blender, you can try an animated model first and then create it.

Blender for Linux, For more detailed convenience in using this Blender application. You will be able to feel it when you use it. For the download link for this application you can see below:

Download Blender for Linux

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