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Download Client for Meetings Version 5.8.4 (1736) For Windows

Download Client for Meetings Version 5.8.4 (1736) For Windows
Download Client for Meetings Version 5.8.4 (1736) For Windows

Download Client for Meetings Version 5.8.4 (1736) For Windows - Zoom has recently delivered the most recent adaptation, to be specific Zoom Version 5.8.4 (1736) on November 15, 2021 rendition TBD, from the past form, in particular Zoom version 5.8.3 (1581), October 25, 2021. 

Zoom is an application that can be utilized for distant video conferencing, online courses, and online gatherings. zoom is likewise simple to use on different working frameworks like Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

Zoom is likewise simple to use on PCs, cellphones, PCs, tablets, note pads, etc. Zoom can be appreciated for nothing with a term of 40 minutes with up to 100 members, yet assuming you need beyond what that you can arrange a Zoom membership bundle at an expense of $15 to $20 each month. 

Zoom Version 5.8.4 (1736) Features 

A portion of the Zoom highlights you can utilize: 

  1. Zoom highlights HD sound and video 
  2. Zoom has a lift hand highlight that makes it simple for you to pose inquiries during gatherings 
  3. Zoom has an offer screen include that makes it simple for you to share your PPT slides with other Zoom members 
  4. Zoom has a change foundation highlight that makes it simple for you to change your experience during gatherings, Backgroud Zoom can be as pictures and recordings, assuming you need to download Backgroud Zoom kindly snap here
  5. Zoom has a record highlight that can record all gathering exercises and the consequences of the record can be put away on a PC and in the cloud. 
  6. Zoom has a programmed meeting booking component and meeting solicitations are not difficult to share by means of email and other online media. 
  7. Zoom has an element to make somebody a Host and Co-Host, Host and Co-Host can straightforwardly share the screen without asking the Host or Co-Host for authorization. 
  8. Zoom has the Immersive View highlight in Zoom gatherings to make virtual gatherings really energizing. Through the Immersive View highlight, video calls by means of Zoom are as though they were in a room, like classes and meeting rooms. Be that as it may, the Immersive View component can just place a limit of 25 members. 
  9. Zoom is upheld by the cloud framework 
  10. Zoom additionally has a Zoom Room include, the fact is that clients can make other gathering rooms other than the principal meeting room. 

New and improved highlights Zoom Version 5.8.4 (1736) 

  • Meeting/online class highlights 
  • Discretionary Reclaim Host while rejoining 
  • At the point when the first host of a gathering rejoins, they are presently given the choice to recover have controls or stay as a member or co-have, to not upset the current host. This component requires adaptation 5.8.3 or higher and won't be quickly accessible, as it is reliant upon a backend server update as of now planned for November 14, 2021. 
  • Settled Issues 
  • Minor bug fixes 
  • Security improvements

Products Offered by Zoom

  • Meetings: HD video and audio collaboration
  • Chat: Connect your teams and streamline communications
  • Rooms and Workspaces: Power up your conference rooms with video
  • Phone System: Enterprise cloud phone system
  • Video Webinars: Full-featured, easy-to-use, engaging webinars
  • Marketplace: Integrations and bots to use with Zoom
  • Developer Platform: APIs, SDKs, and more to extend and enhance Zoom

Industries Zoom Offers

  1. Education: Expand traditional classrooms in the cloud
  2. Finance: Improve customer experiences & communications
  3. Government: Increase productivity & engagement for all agencies
  4. Healthcare: Enabling HIPAA-compliant telehealth technology & workflows

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