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Download TikTok 22.00 For iPhone

Download TikTok 22.00 For iPhone
Download TikTok 22.00 For iPhone

Download TikTok 22.00 For iPhone - TikTok (also known as Douyin (Chinese: ) is a Chinese social network and music video platform launched in September 2016 by Zhang Yiming, the founder of Toutiao. The app allows users to create their own short music videos.

TikTok features

Add music

In accordance with the explanation above, Tik Tok is a music video platform. This means that one of the main features of the Tik Tok application is the addition of music. You can add various types of music according to the video content you want to create.

In addition, you don't have to worry about using the music freely, because all the music that is available in the application, has received permission from the owner, so it will not be subject to copyright.

Filters on videos

The 2nd feature that can also be used by all Tik Tok users is the filter feature in the video. Users can add filters to the video to change the color tune of the video. In addition, you can also adjust the tone and hue according to your video object.

Sticker filters and video effects

Tik Tok provides at least 5 categories of effects that you can try, including visual effects, sticker effects, transition effects, split effects and time.

In sticker effects, you can find various options such as, hot, classic, selfie, hair, funny, interactive, heart, vlog, animal, and glasses. This filer aims to make videos that are made seem more creative.

Voice changer filters

Users can now change their voice in the videos they create by using this Voice Changer feature. With a variety of different sound effects, users can now easily add fun and creativity to their videos.

The method is also quite easy to do, you only need to record or can choose from your smartphone gallery, then select the voice effect.

Beautify Filters

For those of you who want to appear more confident in every video you make, Tik Tok provides a beautiful feature that can make users' faces look much prettier or more handsome, even cooler and unique.

In addition, this feature can also adjust the shape of the face, eye color, and also refine the face.

Filter auto captions

This feature is one of the new features provided by Tik Tok. This feature allows Tik Tok content creators to include subtitles that are automatically generated by the app.

The purpose of providing this feature is to make it easier for everyone so that they can easily access or enjoy the videos created, especially for those who have difficulty hearing. How to use it is also easy, you only need to click the "Caption" feature on the editing page before uploading the video.

After that, the words spoken by the creator in the content will be automatically transcribed by the app. After that, you can view and edit the subtitles that have been made so that the text is not mistaken.

Features delete comments and block users in bulk

Recently, Tik Tok also introduced a new feature that can make it easier for creators to ward off bullying. Unfortunately, not all parties support the launch of this new feature. The reason is, many think that using this new feature allows creators to change their personas, where their uploaded content looks well received. Even though there may be a lot of TikTok audiences who reject it.

To use it, users can long-press on a comment or tap on the pencil icon in the upper left corner to open options.

From there, creators can choose 100 comments or accounts to delete or block instead of having to go through each one individually. That way deleting comments or blocking accounts can be easier.

Live features

Not many know, Tik Tok also has a live feature that can be used by its users. Unfortunately, unlike other social media platforms, not all Tik Tok users are allowed to start Live Videos on the platform. Because only users who have a minimum of 1000 followers can do live on Tik Tok.

Download Tiktok Latest Version

Download TikTok 22.00 For iPhone

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