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Telegram 3.5.1 Desktop App Windows Download

Telegram 3.5.1 Desktop App Windows Download - What is Telegram is a free and non-profit cloud-based multi-platform instant messaging service application. Not only can it be used on mobile devices, what Telegram is, is that it can be used on PC devices. Telegram is a cloud-based messenger application that has a seamless sync process. Android users, be careful of applications that can restore deleted WhatsApp messages.

Telegram is similar to WhatsApp, although both have different advantages and disadvantages. What is Telegram is that it has a smaller file size than other messaging applications, making it easier to run. What is Telegram is that it can be used to send text messages, photos, videos, audio, and various kinds of files.

The advantage that other messaging platforms do not have compared to Telegram is that this application is able to exchange documents in very large sizes. What is Telegram is that it can share files with sizes up to 1.5 GB per file. The features of sending files on Telegram are more varied, ranging from doc, zip, mp3, and many more.

Telegram 3.5.1 Desktop App Windows Download
Telegram 3.5.1 Desktop App Windows Download

Get to know the advantages of Telegram

1. Free

What is Telegram is a free application and will continue to be free, there will be no ads or other fees forever. In the past, WhatsApp had imposed a fee per year, until finally, WhatsApp was completely free.

2. Send Messages Faster

Many users feel that sending messages via Telegram is faster than WhatsApp because Telegram is cloud-based. You also don't have to worry about Telegram taking up storage space on your smartphone. Cloud base and cache management options, What Telegram is all about is that it can take up almost zero space on your smartphone.

3. Easier to Run

The smaller application size makes Telegram easier to run. Telegram version 3.8.1 on iPhone released on April 28, 2016 has a size of 33.1 MB. While WhatsApp version 2.16.2 on the iPhone which was released on April 13, 2016 has an application size of 74.5 MB.

4. Fast Sync

WhatsApp and Telegram can be accessed on a PC or laptop. WhatsApp on PC requires that the WhatsApp application on the smartphone remains active. Whereas What is Telegram is a cloud-based messenger application that has a smooth synchronization process.

5. Share Larger Files

What is Telegram is that it first provides various file features. While WhatsApp recently had a feature to share PDF files. Not only sending messages, photos, and videos, Telegram provides more varied file transfer features, ranging from doc, zip, mp3, etc. with a maximum size of 1.5 GB per file.

6. Accommodate More Groups

WhatsApp groups only accommodate a maximum of 256, an increase from the previous only 100 people. While on its website, What is Telegram, it says that Telegram groups can accommodate group members of up to 5,000 people. Wow!

7. Channel Features

The broadcasting process is carried out correctly using Channels. Channels can accommodate an unlimited number of members. Whatsapp doesn't have features to handle broadcasting like Telegram.

8. Has Bot Features

Bot features are accounts run by apps (not) people. This bot is equipped with AL (Artificial Intelligence) features. Bots can do anything such as games, broadcasting and any activity on the internet.

9. More Interactive

What Telegram is all about is bringing group chats to life with Reply, Mentions, Hashtags, and Forwards features. Not only that, if Telegram users can make their own stickers.

Getting to Know Telegram's Security Features

1. Lock Chat Features

With this feature, users can ensure that Telegram access on their devices is more secure, because the application can be locked automatically when not in use. So, users don't have to worry about other people being able to see the contents of messages sent through this application.

To activate it, users just need to open the Settings feature, select Privacy and Security, then Passcode and Touch ID. After that, install a PIN or Touch ID, then the user just chooses the duration of time when this feature will be active.

2. Send Secret Messages with Secret Chat

As the name implies, the Secret Chat feature offers better security for users when having conversations on Telegram. This is because this feature will activate end-to-end encryption, so that no third party can see the conversation.

Users can activate this feature by clicking on the contact of the person to whom the message will be sent. After that, select Start Secret Chat on the More icon.

3. Two-Step Verification feature

When this feature is activated, users will be asked to always enter a password when logging into a Telegram account on new or old devices. This password is a complement to the OTP (one-time password) feature when a user logs in on a new device.

This feature will be very useful to protect user accounts from identity thieves who are trying to hack their Telegram account.

4. Support Proxy Server

What is Telegram already supports proxy servers. So, this feature allows users to hide their IP address by connecting their account to a special proxy server.

Broadly speaking, the way this feature works is the same as a VPN connection that is commonly used by many people to protect their identity on the internet. This feature can be activated by opening Settings, selecting Data and Storage, then Proxy Settings.

5. Delete Wrong Messages

What is Telegram is that it allows users to cancel or delete messages that have already been sent. This feature definitely helps users to avoid mis-sent messages and can be set at any time.

Telegram 3.5.1 Desktop App Windows Download

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