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Download Zoom for PC 32 bit Windows 7

Zoom Cloud Meeting Download for PC Windows 7 32 64 Bit
Zoom Cloud Meeting Download for PC Windows 7 32 64 Bit

Download Zoom for PC 32 bit Windows 7 - To conduct video conferences, there are various platforms that can be used for free and paid, such as Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Teams, and others. The most popular and widely used is Zoom because its features and needs are more complete than others. 

Zoom Meeting features Meetings, Webinars, Recording, Share Screen, and Zoom Room features. For more details, see the meaning of Zoom, and the Zoom features, below:

Zoom Application

Zoom is a video conferencing service that allows users to chat online using cloud computing technology and 256-bit TLS encryption security. Zoom was developed by the company Zoom Video Communications, Inc. headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. Zoom was founded by former Cisco Webex executive Eric Yuan in 2011 and launched publicly in 2013.

With Zoom, users can connect with each other, hold meetings, webinars, chat, and have discussions in a channel. Zoom is an alternative to working and studying remotely from many organizations and institutions around the world. OS support for the Zoom service is also very diverse, ranging from macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web App, to extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Zoom provides two options for conducting conversations, which are free for a meeting of 100 users with a maximum limit of 40 minutes. While paid, Zoom provides needs that can be tailored to the user. The price is quite affordable, between $ 15-100 per month. In its development, in 2017 Zoom's status as a company became a unicorn with a valuation that reached $1 billion. Even since the beginning of 2020, the use of Zoom services has continued to increase due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic that has spread throughout the world.

How to Download Zoom on Windows 7 32-Bit

Are you having trouble downloading Zoom on your Windows 7 32-bit PC? Don't worry! This article will help you step by step.

Nowadays people also need virtual communication, therefore Zoom is here to become one of the platforms that is widely used for video conferencing. However, sometimes not all devices are compatible with the latest version of Zoom.

If you are still using Zoom on Windows 7 32-bit. Maybe you need to do a few different ways to download Zoom. You need to make sure of a few requirements before downloading Zoom. For PCs using Zoom Windows 7 32-bit, at least the computer must use 2GB of RAM and a Dual-Core Processor. Here are the steps you need to take:

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues during the download or installation process, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • You need to make sure the Zoom you download is the 32-bit version
  • The computer meets the minimum requirements as described above
  • Temporarily disable antivirus
  • If you're still having some issues, please contact Zoom for assistance.

Tips for Using Zoom in Windows 7 32-Bit

You have successfully downloaded Zoom on your Windows 7 32-bit PC! Here are some steps for you:

  • Internet must be stable and strong
  • If you want to get good sound quality, use a headset with a built-in microphone.
  • If you have frequently used Zoom, of course you are familiar with its features
  • Practice before your first meeting or conference to ensure a smooth experience.

Zoom App Main Features

There are a few things to understand and pay attention to when using Zoom. Several Zoom services have different functions and needs, such as Zoom Meeting for online meeting needs from anywhere. Zoom Webinar for the needs of Webinar Events such as campuses, schools, or institutions by inviting many people to participate. Zoom Room for meetings in different rooms with more complete functions and tools. Of these services, all have the following basic features;

1. Support Audio and Video

As a video conference service, of course, Zoom supports HD (High Definition) Audio and Video. In a meeting, the need to talk and meet face to face is certainly needed, although on several occasions many users turn off the audio and video functions to maximize listening. In addition, speaking alternately will be better so as not to disturb other speakers.

Many Indonesians are still in the lower middle class so the use of video features is reduced more due to limited internet quota. Considering that the longer you use the video feature, it also has an impact on the internet quota that runs out quickly.

2. Screen Sharing (Share Screen)

In a meeting, sometimes users need to make a presentation to explain the purpose and intent. Most presentations are usually in the form of PowerPoint (PPT) slides to make it easier to explain. Well, Zoom itself supports this kind of feature, where users can take advantage of the Share Screen feature.

What is Share Screen? Share Screen is a Zoom feature that allows users to share computer screens, open documents, files accessed online (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) to share a second camera. This feature not only works for document presentation but more than that.

3. Scheduling

Before holding a meeting, an admin can schedule a meeting in advance. This is so that users who will participate know and can get ready to take part. When making a meeting schedule, the admin can set the date and time as desired. Meanwhile, the meeting limit is between 30 minutes - 14 hours. For the free version, admins can only have a time limit of up to 40 minutes, while the premium version has a longer time limit.

4. Security

Speaking of security, every communication and data shared via Zoom will be encrypted using 256-bit TLS encryption security technology. Many media reports that Zoom is potentially unsafe. A lot of controversies happened, but Zoom continues to make improvements and developments so that all services and features are safe to use.

5. Chat

Zoom also features a Chat feature so users can discuss with each other when conducting meetings or webinars. Interestingly, all the chats are stored in history so that users can view them again. Users can also submit files, screenshots, and documents in . All these files will be stored for 10 years, and after that time runs out, the files are automatically deleted from the server.

6. Recording

When conducting a meeting, the admin can also record and save it on the computer. This feature is very important so that every meeting that is held can be watched again or when other users who can't join can still see it. Recording files are automatically saved to the computer, but if the user wants to save to the cloud then admins will need to upgrade to a premium plan priced between $40 to $500.

Storage Limit Price

  • $40 per month 100 GB
  • $100 per month 500 GB
  • $500 per month 3 TB

7. Reactions

Need reactions in a meeting or discussion? Don't worry, Zoom brings a reaction feature to make the atmosphere feel fun and exciting. In sending messages (chat) on Zoom without a meeting, the reactions feature is also available so that users can give reactions to other users if they are interested and exciting.

8. Raise Hand

The Raise Hand feature in the Zoom app allows participants, panelists, co-hosts, and hosts to raise their hands when they ask or answer a question.

9. Immersive View

Through the Immersive View feature, video calls via Zoom are as if they were in a room, such as classes and meeting rooms.

10. Beauty filters

Maybe you're late for a meeting or too lazy to dress up because you're just working from home. This can be overcome with the Beauty Filter feature in Zoom.

How to activate this feature is also very simple. Open the Zoom application on your laptop, then click the up arrow button located in the lower right corner. After that, click Video Settings and check the Touch Up My Appearance box at the bottom of the video.

11. Class schedule

A new feature released by Zoom is a class schedule, which in this feature teachers and lecturers can schedule classes to be held the next day, and teachers can go directly to Schedule Meetings and create Zoom Rooms that will be used in class for the next day.

12. Background & blur for Chromebook

The next feature recently released by Zoom is background & blur for Chromebooks. A Chromebook is a type of laptop that runs on Chrome OS. So for those of you Chromebook users, you can already use Zoom and add virtual backgrounds and zoom.

13. Improved breakout rooms

The next feature is breakout rooms, which is one of Zoom's features that can make it easier for users to enter small virtual spaces next to the main room. The use of breakout rooms can make it easier for teachers and students to discuss in groups.

In addition, Zoom has also updated the audio, where currently the audio in the main room can be connected to every breakout room.

14. Additional chat and waiting room features

The waiting room is a new feature that is used to send audio and video messages via Zoom chat and change the names of participants in the waiting room.

In addition, Zoom has also provided asynchronous videos where users can download videos for up to 3 minutes before responding.

15. Anywhere polls

Furthermore, the anywhere polls feature is a feature intended for users, both students and teachers, to vote anywhere.

Products Offered by Zoom

  1. Meetings: HD video and audio collaboration
  2. Chat: Connect your teams and streamline communications
  3. Rooms and Workspaces: Power up your conference rooms with video
  4. Phone System: Enterprise cloud phone system
  5. Video Webinars: Full-featured, easy-to-use, engaging webinars
  6. Marketplace: Integrations and bots to use with Zoom
  7. Developer Platform: APIs, SDKs, and more to extend and enhance Zoom

Industries Zoom Offers

  • Education: Expand traditional classrooms in the cloud
  • Finance: Improve customer experiences & communications
  • Government: Increase productivity & engagement for all agencies
  • Healthcare: Enabling HIPAA-compliant telehealth technology & workflows
If you need a zoom installation file for other devices. Please visit the download link Zoom App Download for PC, Android, iPhone/iPad New Version.

New and enhanced features Zoom version 5.13.5 (12053)

  • Set default service used when click-to-dial - ClickToCallDefault 
  • Set custom update channel - AU2_UpdateChannelCandidates 
  • Restrict Check for Updates to custom update channel version - AU2_LimitManualUpdateVersion 

Meeting/webinar features
  • Self enablement of automated captions 
  • Interpreter can move language interpretation window 
  • Support for multiple audio input channels 
  • Support for SIP URI redirects to the Zoom desktop app 
  • Camera-off avatars 
  • Transfer Zoom App to local Zoom Room 

Meeting features
  • Additional enhanced formatting for in-meeting chat 
  • Continuous meeting chat 
  • Create breakout rooms based on poll results 
  • Waiting room customization support for images 
  • Enhanced access to participant attendance status list 
  • Etc

New and enhanced features Zoom version 5.12.9 (10650)

  • General Features
  • Enterprise Auto Update policies
Zoom’s Enterprise Auto Update policies allow system administrators the ability to keep managed desktop client installations up to date in accordance with their own policies and preferences. These policies will afford administrators granular control over desktop client auto-update behavior and UI, giving them the ability to tailor the experience at a group level to meet the needs of a wide variety of user cohorts. The following policies are available with MSI, GPO, and PLIST deployments with version 5.10.6 or higher, as well as with Zoom Device Management (ZDM):
  • AU2_EnableAutoUpdate
  • AU2_SetUpdateChannel
  • AU2_EnableShowZoomUpdates
  • AU2_EnableUpdateAvailableBanner
  • AU2_EnablePromptUpdateForAU2
  • AU2_EnableUpdateSuccessNotification
  • AU2_EnableManualUpdate
  • AU2_DeploySpecificVersion
  • AU2_SetUpdateSchedule
  • AU2_InstallAtIdleTime
  • AU2_SafeUpgradePeriod

  • Meeting features
  • Enhancements to Closed Captioning notifications
When a participant enables closed captioning, they are prompted to select the speaking language that will be used in the meeting which will be applied to everyone. When the spoken language is changed, the participant will be asked to confirm the speaking language before it is changed. The host and any user who has captions on are notified if speaking languages are changed. This requires desktop version 5.12.9 or higher.

  • Enhancements to Translated Captioning notifications
When a participant enables translated captions, they are prompted to select their speaking language (the language they will be speaking) and their translation language (the language in which they want to view closed captions). Additionally, all other participants in the meeting are prompted to select their speaking language, so that any participant who has translated captioning enabled can view captions accurately in their preferred language. This will not automatically turn on captions and translation for everyone; users must select speaking and translation languages in order to enable and view captions. This requires desktop version 5.12.9 or higher.

  • Resolved issues
  • Minor bug fixes
Resolved an issue where sending a Team Chat message to a user without Team Chat resulted in an incorrect error about file transfer restrictions

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