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Telegram App Desktop 64 Bit Download 2022

Telegram App Desktop 64 Bit Download 2022 - Earlier this year, a number of WhatsApp users flocked to Telegram. This was evidenced by the research firm Sensor Tower, which analyzed the number of downloads for the two platforms. According to Sensor Tower, in two days last weekend, Telegram was downloaded by more than 2.2 million users on the Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store) platforms.

Meanwhile, the number of WhatsApp downloads has decreased significantly, by 11 percent in the first seven days of 2021, compared to the previous period. App research firm App Annie also reported a decline in WhatsApp users. WhatsApp's ranking in the list of the most popular applications, both on Android and iOS, has decreased. The number of users who have switched from WhatsApp to Telegram is following the introduction of a new privacy policy and terms of service by WhatsApp. WhatsApp users have received notification of the policy update since Thursday (7/1/2021).

Telegram App Desktop 64 Bit Download 2022
Telegram App Desktop 64 Bit Download 2022

In the notification, WhatsApp delivered three important updates, including a notification regarding the forwarding of some WhatsApp user information to Facebook, as the parent company of WhatsApp.

This new policy has received various responses, including rejection from a number of parties who are concerned about the collection and management of their personal data by WhatsApp. These parties then chose to leave WhatsApp and switch to other messaging applications, one of which was Telegram.

Telegram is an instant messaging application created by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Both have different responsibilities when it comes to managing Telegram. Pavel is responsible for Telegram's ideology as well as Telegram's operational continuity. Pavel is known to pour his own personal money into running Telegram.

While his brother, Nikolai is responsible in terms of technology. To build Telegram, Nikolai developed a special data protocol that is unique, open, secure and optimized to work with multiple data centers. Currently, Telegram developers are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This application was first launched for iOS on August 14, 2013. Just two months later, the first version of Telegram for Android was launched, to be precise on October 20, 2013.

Features available on Telegram

As an instant messaging application like WhatsApp, Telegram can be used by users to send messages, photos, documents, stickers, GIFs, voice calls to video calls. The video calling feature is currently only available in a one-on-one chat, not in groups. Telegram also allows users to create groups with a member capacity of up to 200,000 people.

The group also supports admin features, mentions, replies, hashtags, and sharing/receiving documents of up to 2 GB. In addition, Telegram groups are also equipped with moderation tools that allow group admins to delete messages in bulk, control membership, and pin important messages.

If you feel you need a channel with more members, Telegram provides a channel that anyone can follow. Channel owners can send direct messages to their many followers. However, the channel's followers were unable to respond to messages sent. The next special feature that Telegram has is a secret chat room aka Secret Chat.

Messages sent through these chat rooms are automatically protected by end-to-end encryption so that no one can snoop on user conversations, other than the user himself. Messages in Secret Chat can only be read by the device that is also used to send messages. This means, if you move to another device even though you use the same account, the contents of the chat still cannot be read.

In addition, secret chat is also equipped with a screenshot alerts feature where users will be notified when their interlocutor takes a screenshot of the chat. Telegram is also equipped with various sticker features to add to the user's excitement when using Telegram. Telegram has an animated GIF search, a powerful photo editor, and a public sticker platform.

Telegram App Desktop 64 Bit Download 2022 

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