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VLC 3.017.4 Download For Windows

VLC 3.017.4 Download For Download - VLC Media Player is a software player for various multimedia files, both video, and audio in various formats, such as MPEG, DivX, Ogg, and others. VLC Media Player can also be used to play DVD, VCD, or CD.

VLC is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that can play most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

VLC 3.017.4 Download For Windows
VLC 3.017.4 Download For Windows

Is VLC Media Player an app?

VLC Media Player is software for playing various multimedia files, both video and audio in various formats, such as MPEG, DivX, Ogg, and others.

VLC Media Player Features:

1. Download and Stream Youtube Videos

  • Copy the URL of the video from Youtube.
  • Open VLC Media Player right-click select Open Media > Open Network Stream
  • Paste the URL into the input box then click Play.
  • The video will automatically play in VLC, to download videos on Youtube steps 1-4 are the same, and after that.

How to download Youtube Videos:

  • 1ight-click Interface > Codec Information
  • In the Location field, copy the URL
  • After copying, paste the URL into the browser and save it from there or paste it directly into the download media

2. Record Video And Audio

A feature that is a pity to miss, all amateur, and professional users will definitely need this feature. How to record video or audio:

  • Play video or audio in VLC
  • Right-click select Record
  • Select Record again to stop recording
  • The recording will be automatically saved in Documents > VLC.

3. Recording Desktop and Webcam

No need for another recording application, just with VLC Media Player recording desktops and webcams become easier and simpler. How to record:

  • Open VLC Media Player.
  • Right-click > Open Media > Open Capture Device.

If you want to record a webcam, select DirectShow in Capture mode and change to webcam in the Video device name and Play options. To record desktop select Desktop in Capture mode and Play. Once in Play, record your desktop or webcam in the way discussed in How to Record Video and Audio

4. Convert Media Files

One way that many users do not know, a feature that will be used very often if you already have know-how. The method is quite easy and there are many configuration options in it. How to convert:

  • Open VLC
  • Right-click > Open Media > Convert/Save
  • Click +Add > Select the video to convert > Convert/Save

Select the desired format by changing the profile or it can be with the desired configuration. Fill in the Destination file field by clicking Browser, select the place that will be output after converting and then click Start.

Wait for the conversion process, the process is listed as watching videos in general. If the time has reached the end, it means the process is complete and the video is automatically saved to the selected destination.

The length of time to convert depends on the number, size, quality, length of the video, and the hardware specifications used.

5. Graphic Equalizer

Not only audio but also graphics/video can be given an equalizer. Feel the sensation of watching different videos and according to your wishes, many effects that can be configured like video editing. How to the graphic equalizer in VLC:

  • Open media files with VLC
  • Right-click > Interface > Effects and Filters > Video Effect
  • Set as desired then Close or you can save

6 Taking Screenshots

A very simple feature to capture the best moments while watching videos in VLC. The method:

  • Right-click > Video > Take Snapshot
  • The snapshot image will be saved in Pictures (C:\Users\(user name)\Pictures)

7. Giving Watermark

For some, this feature is definitely very useful, especially for tutorial makers on social media such as YouTube and others. How to watermark:

  • Open VLC along with the media you want to watermark
  • Right-click > Interface > Effects and Filters > Video Effect > Overlays
  • Check on Add Logo then select the file you want to be a watermark
  • Click Save to put a watermark

These are 7 features of VLC that will make VLC a Media Player that must be installed on various devices and various circles, not only 7 but many more that can be done with VLC Media Player depending on the needs of each user.

If You want Download VLC 3.017.4 Download For Windows, Click Link below:

VLC 3.017.4 Download For Download

Download VLC For Android

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