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Opera 87.0.4390.45 Download For Windows

Opera 87.0.4390.45 Download - Opera 87.0.4390.45 is a free web browser and web-based Internet software with more than 300 million users, developed by Opera Software. This browser is used for common Internet applications such as displaying websites, receiving and sending emails, communication management, online RC chat, uploading via BitTorrent protocol, and reading web feed. Opera is available for free use on PCs, phones and tablets.

The main components of Opera 87.0.4390.45 are tab-based browsing, thumbnail and page zoom features, various mouse cursor shapes, and an integrated load management section. In terms of security, Opera has built-in protection against phishing attacks and programs known as malware such as worms or Trojan horses, as well as the ability to maintain security when browsing websites and deleting personal information such as cookies.

Opera 87.0.4390.45 runs on various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBase and Solaris. Although Opera has more features than Firefox and is also known as the fastest web browser, it only has a small share of the PC browser market, even though Opera is a stronger market for mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones and digital assistants. private property. Opera is available for devices running Symbian or Windows Mobile. Nearly 40 million mobile devices have Opera software. Opera is also the only browser that can be used on Nintendo DS and V consoles. Opera is the most popular web browser in some countries, such as Ukraine.

Opera 87.0.4390.45 Download For Windows
Opera 87.0.4390.45 Download For Windows 

Opera Browser Features 87.0.4390.45 :

  1. Opera Turbo: which compresses pages and images by 2, 3 or 4 times (depending on Internet connection speed) speeds up loading web pages several times.
  2. Opera Unite: To share your favorite files on the Internet, without having to upload them to other sites
  3. Opera Link: To quickly sync your browser information on another Opera or another computer.
  4. Private Browsing: For completely safe browsing of web pages without leaving any traces on your computer.
  5. Opera Extensions: Opera browser extensions that have been added to this browser since version 11.
  6. Opera Mail: This feature is one of the best features and capabilities that makes this browser superior to other browsers. Using this feature, you can subscribe to sites and blog feeds and be notified of their updates. This feed reader also has the ability to create folders and categories.
  7. Speed ​​Dial: Quick access to preset sites in a new Tab.
  8. Mouse Gestures: Performs common commands in the browser, such as opening a new tab and returning to the previous page by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse in the specified direction.
  9. Extensions: An alternative to Opera Widget that works like a Firefox plugin.

Opera Browser Tips 87.0.4390.45:

  • Trial version of Opera will not be released and only the latest stable version will be included.
  • Two versions of this browser were released, one is standard installation and does not have the ability to update automatically, and the other is portable, and only has the ability to deploy the first version.

Required System For Install Opera 87.0.4390.45

  • Windows XP or later
  • 512MB RAM
  • 300 MB free disk space

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