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Telegram Portable Version 3.7.3 X64 Download

Telegram Portable Version 3.7.3 X64 - According to Wikipedia, Telegram is a free and non-profit cloud-based multi-platform instant messaging application. Telegram applications are widely available for various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Ubuntu Touch, as well as computer devices such as Windows, macOS X, and Linux. With Telegram, users can send text messages, photos, videos, audio, documents, stickers, and various other types of files to each other.

Telegram was developed by the Telegram Messenger company LLP backed by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. Telegram's client-side code is free, while the server-side is closed and owned by the company. The Telegram service also provides APIs for developers to create animated stickers, display changes, widgets, and bots. Telegram information and API requirements can be accessed through the page.

Telegram Portable Version 3.7.3 X64 Download
Telegram Portable Version 3.7.3 X64 Download 

Latest Telegram features:

  1. New design when Log-in, On Android and macOS, when logging in will display funny animations.
  2. A phone number link, allows users to create a link to their own profile using a phone number.
  3. Go live with other apps: Telegram has built in the ability to live stream via broadcasting/streaming apps like OBS and XSplit.
  4. If you're running a video chat or live stream on Telegram, users can enter streaming credentials into the service to help spread the video around the world.
  5. page: Telegram has added a new web preview page of the profile page. So that users can view profiles or public channels on the web with better design elements.

Apart from being an instant messenger application, Telegram has a variety of functions that are getting more and more. One of them is the use of Bot technology for various needs, so as to maximize business and payment needs. For more details, see the basic functions of the Telegram application below;

Telegram basic functions

1. As an instant messaging app

Just like instant messenger applications in general, you can enable Telegram to send messages in the form of writing, photos, videos, audio, documents, and various other types of formats. You can also make phone calls or video calls with other users or colleagues personally or in a group/community. The Telegram application is free, and users are not charged anything when using it.

2. Media builds community or fans

Resources that are large enough even without limits and free to make many smartphone users start switching to using Telegram. This is because it has not been presented by other similar applications. One of the most obvious examples is the Telegram Channel, which influencers are starting to use to build a bigger audience and get closer to users.

Although only channel creators can send and share messages, this really makes it easier for the audience to get information quickly and instantly. Content creators for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have also started using Telegram to build communities and businesses through the channels they created.

3. Media sharing video files, music, etc.

Without realizing it, the advantages of unlimited Telegram storage (only limited to sending 2 GB files) make some users use it as a sharing and storage medium for massive and extensive video, audio, music, documents, and the like content. Through the Telegram searching feature, users can find Channel Movies, Netflix, Anime, Music, and the like easily and quickly.

Although it is illegal, in reality, this happens a lot on Telegram. This problem has also made governments in several countries block Telegram. Several years ago, Indonesia was also one of the countries that blocked Telegram on the grounds that there was no SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for content that violated the law. The state cannot control Telegram because of its strict privacy and security.

4. Digital transaction media with BOT

Telegram bots began to be used by several companies, media, and institutions for payment needs. Through the Bot Payment API page, developers can develop payment programs to shop with Telegram Bots. Although this is still early days, Telegram ensures that this development will continue. Currently, Telegram has collaborated with several payment providers such as Stripe, Rave by Flutterwave, and Yandex. Money, Sberbank, Tranzzo, Payme, CLICK, LiqPay, and others.

Download Telegram Portable Version 3.7.3 X64 

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