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IG:dm Latest 2022 Download

IGdm Latest 2022 Download
 IGdm Latest 2022 Download

IG:dm Latest 2022 Download - Who doesn't know Instagram? The social media platform, which is ranked second, as the most widely used platform in Indonesia, is very successful in attracting many users.

Instagram has become one of the most successful social media platforms, this platform which has now joined Meta, and has a myriad of excellent features of its own. Unfortunately, Instagram's full features are not available in the desktop version.

The Direct Message or DM feature, for example, this feature has many shortcomings when accessed using a PC. So, Instagram users seem to just be glued to access it more comfortably using a cellphone. Because it supports more features.

Well, for those of you who always use Instagram to connect with colleagues and friends, then using IG: dm will be very appropriate. How come? IG: dm allows its users, to be able to use the DM feature of Instagram using a PC, with the same features when you access it using a smartphone.

IG Features and Benefits:dm

IG:dm is special software that you can use, to access DM services from Instagram. By using IG:dm, you can easily connect with friends and start conversations in DMs.

IG:dm will be a safe place because it is equipped with two-factor authentication which is fairly safe. This technology has also been used by many social media platforms, so that social media accounts are not misused by others.

So, when using IG:dm you can only access DM services from Instagram. The process of logging in using an Instagram account is also very safe because it is equipped with secure two-factor authentication.

Interested in using IG:dm for Instagram DM needs? Here we summarize what other interesting features of IG:dm are, see below:

Unread Message

You accidentally opened a DM message that you didn't want to open? Unfortunately, the read report will be given by Instagram to the sender of the DM, but on IG:dm you can change the message to be unreadable. So the sender will not know you have opened the message.

Save Account

Log in safely on IG:dm using your real Instagram account, no need to worry about security. IG:dm has the ability to provide valid verification. Equipped with guaranteed two-factor authentication.

Continue Chat

You can instantly reply to messages from your phone to your PC using IG:dm. This software will provide DM service information in Real-Time, so it will continue to be synchronized between devices.

Save Image & Video

Want to save pictures and videos from Instagram uploads? You can save it directly using IG:dm, as usual you can later choose a media storage location.


Search and start a conversation in your Instagram DM chat room, the search feature on IG:dm allows you to search for Instagram usernames, and start a chat.

Download the Latest IG:dm

IG:dm is a lightweight software that is easy to use. This software offers the convenience of using the DM feature from Instagram via PC. The features offered are the same as the DM feature, when you access it using a cellphone. You can get the latest IG: dm download link below:

Information IG:dm Latest 2022 Download
Developer Solomon Omojola
Operating System Windows
License Freeware
Size 57 MB

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