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Download WhatsApp For PC 2.2228.14 Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64 Bit

Download WhatsApp For PC 2.2228.14 Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64 Bit
Download WhatsApp For PC 2.2228.14 Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64 Bit

Download WhatsApp For PC 2.2228.14 Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64 Bit - WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp is an instant and cross-platform messaging application on smartphones that allows users to send and receive messages such as SMS without using pulses but an internet connection. WhatsApp has a basic similar to BlackBerry Messenger.

WhatsApp was released in January 2009. However, in 2014, WhatsApp officially became the property of Facebook after going through the acquisition process for 8 months. On WhatsApp, you can send text, photos, audio, files and images to other users, make calls, video calls, and create stories.

To use WhatsApp, all you have to do is register using your mobile number. WhatsApp can be run on several platforms, namely Android, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Web-Based.

WhatsApp will release three new features at once on its platform. These three features were released to increase the privacy of WA users. The three features include the ability to hide online status, block screenshots of one-time messages (View Once), and quietly leave groups.

WhatsApp has confirmed that the feature to silently hide online status and leave groups will be rolled out to users this August. For more details, here is an explanation of the three new WhatsApp privacy features.

3 Features of WhatsApp:

1. Hide online status from specific contacts

The first privacy feature that WhatsApp will release in the near future is the ability to hide the "online" status for certain contacts.

With this feature, users have the control to show their online status only to the people they want. Especially for users who don't want certain people to know when they are active on WhatsApp. It should be noted, this setting to hide online status goes both ways. This means that if a user hides his online status, then the user cannot see the online status of other users. Later, the option to hide WhatsApp online status will be available in the "Privacy" menu. How to access it as follows:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Account (account)
  • Select Privacy (privacy)
  • Then, the last seen & online settings appear (last seen and online)

Users can set who can see their online status in the "who can see when I'm online" sub-menu. There are two options available. First, namely "Everyone" if all users in contact or users who have just interacted (unsaved numbers), can see the user's online status.

The second option is "same as last seen" or equating the settings with the previous "who can see my last seen" feature. As for the "who can see my last seen" sub-menu, the user can control the information on the last time he was online (last seen) with four setting options, as follows:

  • Everyone, which means all users can see the last time you were active
  • My Contacts, which allows only saved contact numbers to see the user's last seen
  • My Contacts Except, allows users to exclude some more specific contact numbers to not see last seen
  • Nobody, which means that no one can see when a user was last active on WhatsApp.

For example, users only want their online status on WhatsApp to be seen by people they know. This means that users can set "who can see my last seen" with the "My Contact" option, then set "who can see when I'm online" to the "same as last seen" option. That way, users whose numbers are not saved by you will not be able to see your online status. And vice versa, you also can't see the online status of users whose numbers you haven't saved in your phone contacts.

2. Quit secretly from WhatsApp group

The second feature that WhatsApp will roll out this month is to quietly leave WhatsApp groups. So far, when users "leave group" aka leave a WhatsApp group, other group members will receive a notification that reads "(contact number/name) exits" from the chat room.

For some WhatsApp users, this condition can cause feelings of discomfort or discomfort. Well, with the new privacy feature, other group members will no longer receive notifications that you left the group. However, WhatsApp group admins will still receive notifications when members leave the group chat room.

3. Block screenshots for View Once . messages

The third privacy feature that is certain to come to WhatsApp is blocking screenshots for one-time messages (View Once). WhatsApp users can usually take screenshots of messages sent using the View Once feature.

The goal is to outsmart a one-time message so that it can be saved or re-shared, even if it has been deleted. But going forward, WhatsApp ensures that messages sent via the one-time view feature will automatically be protected from screenshot attempts. So users can share sensitive messages more conveniently.

Later, when the user opens the View Once photo/video and then tries to take a screenshot, the screen will display a notification that reads "Screenshot is blocked for additional privacy", as shown above. So, the content cannot be documented with screenshots. Currently, WhatsApp said, this anti-screenshot feature is being tested and will be launched soon. 

However, WhatsApp has not revealed a schedule for the availability of this feature for all WhatsApp users. Those are the three new WhatsApp privacy features that will be coming soon. Which feature are you most looking forward to?

Download WhatsApp For PC 2.2228.14 Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64 Bit 

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