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Signal 5.55.0 For Desktop Windows Download

Signal 5.55.0 For Desktop Windows PC Download
Signal 5.55.0 For Desktop Windows PC Download 

Signal 5.55.0 For Desktop Windows Download  - Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. These services use the Internet to send messages from one party to another, which may include files, voice notes, pictures, and videos.

Signal can be used on various operating systems such as Windows, Android, iPhone & iPad, Mac and Linux. Millions of people use Signal every day to communicate instantly, freely and for free around the world. Send and receive messages without distortion, participate in high-resolution (HD) voice/video calls, and explore an ever-growing set of new features that can help you stay connected. 

Signal's state-of-the-art privacy-keeping technology is always on, so you can focus on sharing important moments with the people you care about.

Message history, profile info, contact lists, & other data were NOT & could not be accessed. The information attackers accessed could allow them to attempt to register a Signal user's phone number on a new device if that user had not enabled registration lock.

Signal have identified and are contacting the 1,900 potentially affected users. Signal are prompting them to re-register their Signal numbers and encouraging them to enable registration lock. We are also working with Twilio to ensure they upgrade their security practices.

Signal App Features

What do you think you can do in this application? Summarized from the official Signal website, here is the list.

Download  Signal 5.55.0 For Desktop Windows PC

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1. Exchange messages

Signal is a software for chatting. Therefore, of course, its main feature is exchanging messages. The advantage of this application is the message feature that can disappear on its own. You can set a deadline for a message from being read to it being lost. The message also cannot be saved with screenshots or forwarded, you know.

Apart from that, things you can do include:

  • delete for everyone
  • mark as unread
  • pin chat
  • emojis and stickers
  • note to self, self-chat feature to write notes

2. Phone

The Signal application also offers telephone features, you know. Glints has already mentioned this above. In Signal, you can make voice and video calls. There is also the option to call groups.

3. Group

Do you want to switch office communications from WhatsApp to Signal? If so, you certainly need a group chat.

Don't worry, Signal offers a message exchange room, really. There are also some additional features in the group:

  • create a link or qr code to join
  • mention in the group

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