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Zoom APK for Window 7 64 bit Free Download

Zoom APK for Window 7 64 bit Free Download
Zoom APK for Window 7 64 bit Free Download

Zoom APK for Window 7 64 bit Free Download - Zoom has become a popular video conferencing application among employees or students since the corona virus pandemic continues to increase in the world. The benefits of its existence are felt, especially for workers who implement work from home.

The advantage of this application is to conduct online meetings with a large number of participants. In addition, the light bandwidth also makes it easier for people to use this application on a smartphone.

Zoom also has other advantages when using a service package. One of them, you can hold meetings through this application with an unlimited time.

For those of you Android users who don't know how to use this application, here are the steps.

  • Download the Zoom app on the Google Play Store.
  • Sign Up for an account using email or Facebook.
  • Go to Settings or Settings, then find the Personal Meeting ID that can be used to invite participants to the video conference.
  • Copy Meeting ID and send friends who will be invited to the video conference. Or you can also use the link to Copy-Paste in the browser.
  • If you are an invited participant to a meeting on Zoom, you don't need to have an account. You just need to copy-paste the link or meeting ID to join the conference that the host has created.
  • If the link is clicked, participants will automatically get an offer to join the video conference.
  • Participants can also copy-paste the Host's Meeting ID to join the conference, then click Join a Meeting.

Zoom Features

  • Some of the Zoom features you can use:
  • HD audio and video are available on Zoom.
  • You can ask questions during meetings using the raise hand function in Zoom.
  • You can easily share your PPT slides with other Zoom participants using Zoom's share screen feature.
  • If you wish to download Backgroud Zoom in the form of photographs or movies, please click here. Zoom offers a background-changing feature that makes it simple for you to change your background during meetings.
  • All meeting activities can be recorded using Zoom's record capability, and the recordings can then be saved on a laptop or in the cloud.
  • Zoom has a meeting and an automated meeting scheduling capability.

Products Zoom Meetings offers: 

  • HD audio and video synchronization
  • Chat will facilitate teamwork and communications.
  • Power up your meeting rooms with video in Rooms and Workspaces
  • Phone: A business cloud phone system
  • Video Full-featured, simple-to-use, and interesting webinars
  • Marketplace: Using bots and integrations with Zoom
  • The platform for developers: APIs, SDKs, and more to improve and expand Zoom

Zoom's Industry Offerings

  • Expanding traditional learning environments in the cloud
  • Finance: Enhance communications and customer experiences
  • Government: Boost involvement and productivity across all departments
  • Enabling HIPAA-compliant telehealth technologies and workflows in the healthcare industry

Zoom APK for Window 7 64 bit Free Download

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