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Download Instagram for PC Windows 8.1

Download Instagram for PC Windows 8.1
Download Instagram for PC Windows 8.1

Download Instagram for PC Windows 8.1 - Instagram can be said to be one of the most popular applications today. This can be proven by the presence of more than two billion monthly active users worldwide. Then reported from the Hootsuite website (We Are Social) shows that the number of Instagram users in January 2022 had as many as 99.15 million active users from Indonesia, consisting of 52.3% women and 47.7% men.

Having a variety of interesting features and continuing to grow every year makes Instagram has many users. Not only teenagers, but even children, and adults at this time are also starting to use Instagram as their social media of choice. Instagram can also reach the information that comes from all corners of the world. You can even participate in the activities of various actors or other important figures from various countries. Not only that, but Instagram also provides a like feature that you can use when you like someone's post you follow.

Instagram at this time you can also enjoy not only on your smartphone but also on your PC. So you don't have to worry when you want to use the application but don't bring a smartphone. Downloading the application is one way you can do it when you want to use Instagram on a PC.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an application that allows users to take photos or videos, then use the various filters provided, and upload or share them with their followers using the internet. Instagram also has some interesting features that continue to grow every year, so it's not surprising that new features appear that make Instagram users make Instagram their favorite social media.

Instagram Features

Some of the features that Instagram has that you can enjoy include:

Send photos and videos

Instagram has a feature that allows you to send photos and videos to fellow Instagram users. Not only that, but you can also share the photo or video on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others social media.

Editing profile

You can also change your profile photo with various creative tools that Instagram has, so you can have an attractive profile photo to your liking.

Share photos and videos in feeds

Through Instagram on PC, you can also share some photos or videos on your Instagram feed so that your Instagram feed looks interesting. You can also make edits to your liking before you share them.

Uploading instantly

You can also use the instant feature of Instagram when you want to share your daily activities with your followers. Not only that, but you can also see the instastory of several other Instagram users.

Follow others

You can also follow some famous figures both from within the country and abroad. So you can find out some of his daily activities that are shared on his Instagram account.

Sending messages using direct messages

When using Instagram on a PC, you can also send messages to fellow Instagram users through the direct message feature on Instagram.

Professional dashboard

This is one of the newest features of Instagram that you can enjoy. With this feature you can track your account performance, promotions, Instagram insights, saved replies, shopping, content approvals, and more.

IGTV Preview

This feature is the most popular and widely used feature in the Instagram application. With this feature, you can upload videos with a long enough duration. Not only that, this feature can attract several other Instagram users to follow your Instagram account. So that your followers will increase.

Download Latest Instagram for PC

Not only can be used through your smartphone, Instagram can also be used through a web browser on your PC. Previously you could only change your profile photo, view notifications, and like and add comments to some posts belonging to users you follow. And can't upload photos and videos and enjoy some other features that you can use when using a smartphone.

You don't need to worry, because at this time you can also upload photos and videos on Instagram via your PC. Here is a link that you can use to download the latest version of Instagram for PC without a bluestack emulator that you can use.

Information Download Instagram for PC Windows 8.1
Developer Meta
Version 42.0.19
File size 4 MB
License Free

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