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Whatsapp for PC windows 8.1 32-bit Free Download

Whatsapp for PC windows 8.1 32-bit Free Download
Whatsapp for PC windows 8.1 32-bit Free Download

Whatsapp for PC windows 8.1 32-bit Free Download - WhatsApp is one application that can be said to be mandatory and almost every smartphone or smart device user has used it. As an application that makes it easy for users to communicate, WhatsApp has complete features.

Through this WhatsApp application, you can exchange messages, make phone calls, and greet each other to get a closer experience via video calls. As an application that supports multiple platforms, WhatsApp can also be used via a laptop or PC. Interestingly, WhatsApp on a laptop or PC can now be used without having to always be connected to WA on a cellphone.

Just once logged in, you can use WhatsApp on this laptop or computer to reply to messages, make calls to video calls, even when your cellphone is off. You can access important features in WA on your cellphone via WhatsApp on your laptop too. Oh yes, WhatsApp on a laptop or computer is available in two versions. The first is WhatsApp Web which can be accessed via the website via a browser. While the other is WhatsApp Desktop which you must download and install first before using it

Download whatsapp for win 8.1 latest version

1. Mute People on Group Calls

Currently, a new feature has been added, namely the option to mute people during group calls. Of course this is very useful for users who like online meetings. The reason is, if in a meeting application such as Zoom, muting people must be done by the host or admin. Meanwhile, WhatsApp can mute someone who is annoying during a private group video call.

2. Additional Notes (Notes)

WhatsApp also brings a feature that can send a message to one of the members on a group video call to write a note or just a joke thrown at one of the group members in the video call.

3. Change Background

Still in video calls, WhatsApp is also rumored to be adding the effect of changing the background or background during a video call.

4. Group Call Participants

Not only that, WhatsApp has now increased the number of group calls to 32 people.

5. User Privacy

Furthermore, WhatsApp adds features to the privacy of its users. One of them is that you can choose which contacts can see their profile picture, status, and last seen status which shows when you were last active on this platform. This feature is an improvement on WhatsApp last year which was only able to hide recent statuses from strangers by default due to potential privacy implications.

6. Transfer Android to iPhone

Good news for those of you who always change the mobile device used. Currently, you can transfer chat history from Android to iPhone which used to be only transferable from iPhone to Android. For information, towards the end of the year WhatsApp will also add improvements to the feature of sending voice messages (voice notes). With this new feature users can preview voice messages before they are sent. Users can also send messages to different people when the voicemail is listened to and finally there is a feature to pause and resume when the voicemail starts.

7. Reaction

In the chat feature or sending messages, WhatsApp added several new features. Among other things is the Reaction feature. With this feature, users can react directly to a chat by pressing it and then attaching an emoticon to the message in question.

8. Message Deletion by Admin

In the latest feature, users who are group admins can delete any messages from other people in the group that they feel are inappropriate.

9. Duration of Disappearing Message

The auto-delete message duration option in the Disappearing Message feature is also getting an update. In the past, the message deletion option was only 7 days, now users can choose messages to be deleted automatically after 24 hours or 90 days.

10. More Voice Calls

Updates are also found in the voice call feature. Users can now make voice calls with up to 32 participants. In addition, a new design is also presented in this feature to further enhance the experience of making voice calls.

11. Pause and Resume Recording 

Besides being able to be listened to first, voice messages can also be paused (pause) and then resumed (resume) as desired.

12. Playing Voice Messages Out of Chat / Out of Chat Playback

 The Out of Chat Playback feature makes it possible for current users to listen to voice messages while chatting with other users. That means you don't have to be in a chat room to listen to someone's voicemail.

Download Whatsapp for Windows 8.1

For those of you Opera browser users, it can now be even simpler, because Opera recently released Opera Reborn, which is a browser that is integrated with the WhatsApp Web messenger application.

The application is placed on a kind of additional taskbar in the browser, so users no longer need to open the "" address, whenever they want to go online using the desktop, the user just clicks on the WhatsApp icon and a QR code appears immediately. Then the user just scans using Android, and the user is connected to WhatsApp Web. You can get the latest Whatsapp Whatsapp for PC windows 8.1 32-bit Free Download  link below:

Whatsapp for PC windows 8.1 32-bit Free Download

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